Why Color Matters to Your Brand

In the world of marketing, color shares an importance as much as any discount you could offer. Why? Because if customers can’t identify with your brand, they won’t even get to the discount part. The use of color plays a tremendous role in branding.

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What does this even mean? Certainly you have heard this term before. Brand identifiability is how customers perceive your business. Their instant subconscious reaction. This includes your logo, color use, consistency, and way more. Fonts and design certainly matter too. We are a visual species and will lean towards things we see that resonate with us.

Think of it as making a first impression on a date. Surely, we have all put our best foot forward in the dating game at one point or another. Hair perfect. Designer clothes chosen. Meticulously applied makeup, for the girls. Even well pressed shirts. All of this applies to your brand also. You want that ‘WOW’ impression to attract customers.

Emotional Impact

Colors portray an instant reaction because they are associated with emotion. We usually don’t even realize it. We have discussed color usage in past blogs however we’ll take it a step further. Here’s a few examples. Red=passion, fire, anger, strength, power, or determination. Green=environment, nature, and freshness. Blue=water, calm, trust, or confidence. And so on. You can easily Google search your own business colors. Consequently, this will give you an idea of how to set up marketing materials.

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Now, different color shades give off different psychological responses. Something to keep in mind. You can go right with a little research. You can also go wrong. For example, a metal manufacturer or construction company probably wouldn’t want to use pink. Black, silver, or blue would be a better choice. Therefore, pink would be a better brand color for a makeup company, salon, or flower shop. The colors you choose definitely impact how your brand is felt by others.


Ah, that word again! Consistency is something we preach until we are blue in the face. This word ‘consistent’ pops up several times per week. 😛 Truth be told consistency leads to success. Don’t believe that statement? Ask the most successful business owner you know.

Every marketing material or online platform must be consistent. That includes consistent color usage. There may be an instance here or there that makes sense to use a different color, but not often. Keep the colors you ultimately choose for your brand the same across the board. Utilize the power in your logo/brand colors to make a statement.

Make that statement memorable by also making sure inks, papers, and any print also match your colors. Don’t accept printed materials that are not consistent with your colors. A great printer should easily be able to match your colors. All mailers, business cards, flyers, yard signs, and anything else should all consistently look the same.

Because we are here to help, feel free to contact us anytime for more on color consistency and other branding ideas.

Finally, as always…

Analyze. Create. Achieve.