About Us

Rob Hoffman

Rob Hoffman is the founder and a partner at 77 Design Co. Rob has worked in the creative and advertising industry for over 20 years.

After attending Penn State University and earning a degree in communications he gained experience working in radio advertising sales, newspaper print ad sales, and several Pittsburgh advertising agencies. 15 years ago he began to freelance and decided to start his own firm.

Rob’s a full-time Dad of 4 girls, self proclaimed foodie, and has been working very hard to earn the title: Worlds OK’est Guitar Player. He enjoys cooking, gardening, guitar, music, and outdoors. If it’s after 8am he’s probably already consumed at least one pot of coffee.

Bobby Drakulic

Bobby Drakulic is a partner at 77 Design Co. Bobby is an expert marketer, consumer, and photographer.  Bobby says “I like to do stuff. Lots of stuff actually, but I’ll just discuss a few of the stuffs that I do.”

After he became an adult and decided that some of the stuff he liked to do should probably start making him some money, and that he should make it a “career,” he attended Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. Somehow he graduated pretty high in his class with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.

Today, he does a lot of stuff as an “educated professional, grown up, and father,” including running a marketing company with Rob, helping clients grow their businesses, commercial/corporate, event, portraiture, travel, and exhibition photography.

It’s been said Bobby is actually kind of good at this stuff, and really likes doing it too, so that works out pretty well!

Bobby has a deep passion for the art of photography, marketing and design. “I work extremely hard for every client that I create for, yet still manage to make every client experience fun and unique.”