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Email Marketing Girl here.
How is your marketing strategy? Hmm… Do you have a marketing strategy? Here are just a few tid bits to help.
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Email Marketing Girl


Step 1.

Please have a website that is clean, clear and mobile friendly. Have you ever heard of someone say, “Google it”? Ya. Everyone Googles for information. When people are looking for a product or service, the first thing they do is go on their phone, desktop, iPad, tablet, or whatever the next device is that has access to internet browsing and search. About 60% of people are browsing on mobile devices so your website should have a responsive design template. I can’t tell you how frustrated I get when I am trying to read something on my phone that is NOT responsive and I have to keep scrolling to the right to continue the sentence. Ugh. I can’t even….

Computer keyboard photograph
You don’t want too much junk on your website either. Give them just enough information that they come asking for more. Sometimes simplicity is more. You want the main points very clear to the reader. If I am trying to look for something and it takes me a while to get through all these words on a web page, and can’t find the answer to my question, buh bye! I’ll take my eyes to the next company on the Google results page.
Step 2.
After Google, next stop, Facebook. The second thing I do when searching a company is check their social media. Yep, it better be updated often with new postings. Stale Facebook business pages are a turn off!
Usually it is Facebook or Instagram, and your social media should correlate with your clientele. Have young adults that like to hike? I would say they are on Instagam. Is your number one client going to be moms with children? Yep. They are on Facebook. What about business men that are always up to date on stocks? Seems like Twitter is coming back and is a big source for sharing the news now.
Step 3.

Email marketing is still one of the top ways to reach people. Know your audience. What they like, dislike. Don’t be spammy… we get enough of that crap every day. Optimize each part of the email. Subject line, preview text, fold, etc. Try some split testing! Be courageous and spontaneous with your email marketing!

Side view of laptop with e-mail interface on blurry background. Email marketing concept.

Like I said in the beginning, these are just some high level tips for you. We can get a lot more granular with the different aspects of marketing, but in order to do that, you have to give us a call 😉
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Analyze. Create. Achieve.

Intro Blog-Jessica

Hello there!
My name is Jessica Cochran and I am 77 Design Co’s newest sales intern. I study
Marketing and Finance with a minor in Biomedical Science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (I know it’s a mouth full).
Jessica portrait.
Jessica Cochran. 77 Design Co sales intern.
Why Marketing?
Marketing always caught my attention because of the creative, yet crucial role, it has on a business. Part of the American dream is starting a business and building that business into a success. I believe there is something special in helping business owners reach their dreams, which in return helps their families. It also helps the local economy, and likewise, our society.
Marketing is a team sport. When the business is successful
the client is successful. I plan on bringing my passion of creative marketing and work ethic to 77 Design Co. We want to help business owners reach their highest potential!
About me:
I love to be busy every single day! I’m a student athlete on IUP’s swim team and recently became a NCAA division II Scholar All-American. Waking up at 5am every day has finally paid off! With athletics being a huge part of my life it makes me a very competitive individual.
Jessica IUP swim team photo.
Jessica IUP swim team photo. NCAA division II Scholar All-American.
I also have a soft spot for golden retrievers. I’m basically a blonde sorority girl while being a nerd at the same time… yes very legally blonde-ish. Other things I enjoy are drawing and listening to Taylor Swift in my free time. Yes, I’ve seen her 9 times in concert! White wine is my new favorite thing to drink with my sorority sisters and family. Even more, on top of that I enjoy being outside and working on my grandmother’s farm. So I guess I’m just your average athlete-sorority girl-farmer??
Jessica rock climbing photo.
Jessica rock climbing.
However, even though these are all things I enjoy in life, my absolute favorite is simply talking to people. I’ll talk to everyone from CEO’s to the company’s janitor. Everyone has different backgrounds and stories that shape them into the person they are today. Certainly, it’s interesting to hear how someone got started in their field too. I’m excited to reach out and learn about as many small business owners as possible while being a member of the 77 Design Co team!
Jessica fishing photo.
Jessica makes a friend while fishing. An outdoorsy “average athlete-sorority girl-farmer.”
Analyze. Create. Achieve.
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Some Email Stats-Happy 4th!

Happy (soon) 4th of July!

Some Stats
Did you know 42% of emails are opened on mobile devices? And did you know in the United States, the best open rates are around 9am-12pm? What about 61% of emails are being read for more than 8 seconds.
Maybe you did. Then congrats. If not, maybe we should start an email marketing plan for you. You don’t want to waste time and resources on sending an email that you aren’t sending smart and continuously analyzing to get better results.
email button
Web mail computer keyboard button for business contact concept. Email envelope icon key in blue color.

Want to start with a newsletter? I got you.

So is around 8 seconds enough to read a whole newsletter? Probably not. Meanwhile, what we suggest is CTA. Call to Action. Whether you want to tell them about a new product or service, an event happening, or tell them someone got a promotion in your company, etc, you should have a 2-3 sentence blurb of content. Then, a CTA that has Read More or Learn More, will go to a landing page on your website. First, that gets a great click through rate on your email metrics (yay analytics!) AND it is bringing traction to your website. Moreover, they are already on your website, so why not do a little surfing on your page? Maybe they learn a little more about a new service. Do people still call it surfing?
Newsletters are great because you can bring so much content to one space. I will say newsletters may not be the best revenue generating email (we can create those for you,) but it consistently creates a conversation between you and the customer. You will be top of mind for people and that will result in something good.
After a few rounds of emails getting sent, you need to do some analysis. Are your customers opening up on mobile devices or desktops? At what time? Therefore, depending on these answers, your email marketing strategy needs to change continuously based on trends as well.
Analyze. Create. Achieve.
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-Email Marketing Girl
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