How To Combine Your Direct Mail Campaign with Your Digital Strategy

As a marketing professional every time I meet a client I’m faced with a we do this or we don’t do that mentality in planning a marketing initiative. However there’s one thing that I can’t impress enough, and that is there is no limit to the number of channels of marketing tools we have at our disposal. Yet, sometimes due to resource restraints we’re forced to make tough choices.

Making those tough choices can be difficult, time consuming, stressful, and quite frankly overwhelming! For example, if you already have a database full of leads, you might be tasked with finding the best way to convert them into paying customers. Some options might be to send them an email, use direct mail, engage with them in social media, or have your sales team reach out. But how do you determine which option is best?

Over the past several years data has become easier and easier to sift through and digest both for digital and direct mail. With the addition of call tracking, reputation management, landing pages and online reviews this combined digital and print campaign becomes completely trackable.

Utilizing two channels (both print and digital) you are creating a brand identity while at the same time giving the potential customer reviews to read, places to go to see what it is you offer and why you’re different.


Feeding Digital with Direct

We have established that direct mail and digital marketing are a team, where one stream feeds another. Consequently, ALL marketing campaigns should always be approached with this mentality.

Use direct mail marketing such as postcards or brochures to redirect recipients to your online landing page, social media profile, or shopping cart. There’s no escaping the fact that a large percentage of sales and research today happen online, so driving traffic to a website that is ready to convert prospects and leads into a paying customers is a highly valuable marketing tactic. There’s a wide range of call-to-actions direct mail can promote to your target audience, so test them out and find the best fit for your product, industry, or audience to improve your customer journey experience.

You’ll likely need a little out-of-the-box creativity when designing your direct mail campaigns in today’s competitive market. Mailbox real estate is at a real premium, and it is becoming ever more difficult to stand out from the crowd. In addition to creatively designed postcard to drive traffic to your website, should consider additions like promotions, incentives, and memorable marketing campaigns to help compel your consumers to visit your website and ultimately funnel them through to the checkout or sign up form.