Don’t Market Like It’s the Wild West

After an amazing and lengthy trip out west, the idea for “Don’t Market Like It’s the Wild West” popped up. Surprisingly, we found there were other similar comparisons to this blog already written. Pretty much every one of them make great points too. So, we’ll jump in the pool as well, but put our own spin on the topic. You can read one of them here from Social Media Today by Barry Ricks in 2013: It is an entertaining blog.

Additionally, we’ll share some photographs from the 2-1/2 week trip throughout the post. 2737 miles were put on the rental during this trip. We covered iconic landmarks and parks from South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. It was an inspiring and eye opening vacation trip.

Don’t Market Like It’s the Wild West
Limitless Territory

The wide open spaces in the west are sights to behold. There are endless picturesque landscapes of deserts, waterfalls, plains, mountain ranges, ranch land, and so much more. If you are an east-coaster and haven’t travelled to the west, PUT IT ON YOUR BUCKET LIST!

Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Image of Montana ranch land with blue skies.
Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Waterfall at Big Horn National Park.
Waterfall-Big Horn
Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Image of roadside red rock near Devil's Tower.
South Dakota

With all of that said, for marketing related purposes, you don’t want your marketing plan to be that vast & expansive. Therefore, you’ll need to tighten up your message. Are you posting about a sale that doesn’t really resonate with customers? Try to restructure the content. You may also have another product or service that should be better promoted. Creating interest is better than spitballing a message out there.

Secondly, you’ll also need to tighten up those strategies that you put your hard earned marketing dollars in to. Does a percentage go to SEO? Are you getting web hits and calls from it? If not, time to examine elsewhere. The world of marketing is almost boundless. That is to say there’s countless opportunities to put your marketing money towards. Basically, at first there’s no need to dump monies all over the place in infinite marketing channels. Some will be successful. Some will not. Tighten ‘er up, partner. Consequently, you’ll start to notice positive results.

Beware, Bandits!
Don't Market Like It's the Wild West
Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Image of an old west saloon
Don't Market Like It's the Wild West
Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Wild Bill's Museum

Meanwhile, the next topic is touchy. Bandits! Bandits rarely admit any wrongdoing. Likewise some snake oil salesmen “marketers” will knowingly suggest putting your money into areas it shouldn’t be. Instead of finding cost effective ways for your plan to work best, they will “consult” you or even persuade you into spending as much as possible. Don’t let them “bilk ya.” Terrible! Bad business, but it happens. If you come across one of these bandits, you will probably know. Avoid them.

Again, it’s a touchy subject because some can make suggestions based on past experiences or what they think will work best. You can’t fault those for making mistakes. This is true if they have your best interests at heart. Others though, simply know that by getting you to spend more, they will make more. You, as the client, should be comfortable, confident, and even excited to start a marketing plan with whoever you choose to work with.

Instill Rules or Guidelines

Opposite of bandits is the sheriff or trustworthy lawman. They live by a set of specific guidelines and codes that help other people. Create a set of rules for yourself and the marketing company that you choose. Be open and upfront about it. For instance, set a very strict budget that goes only to a few channels you agree upon. See how this works for you for a period of time, then reevaluate. Likewise, again, these are things to discuss openly right from the “git go.”

Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Mt. Rushmore in black and white.
Mount Rushmore
Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Ranger cabin in South Dakota.
Ranger cabin.

Following along with a well planned set of guidelines will determine the success or failure of a program. Consistency is the word we probably use most. Consistency will also be important. Within your rules, guidelines, and expectations should be a consistent plan that must be followed strictly. If you are sending out direct mail, make sure the message and content (even visual content) are all cohesive. Further, the same can be said of your social media outline, for example. Stick with messaging that works within your guidelines. This is true for almost any aspect of marketing/advertising.

Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Black and white image of Grand Tetons
Grand Tetons
Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Sun beams streaming down a colorful cliff in Zion National Park.
Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Red cliffs of Bryce Canyon National Park.
Bryce Canyon
Time to Skedaddle

In short, we hope “Don’t Market Like It’s the Wild West” gave you some solid info on how to better handle your marketing. We always try to keep our blogs informative and entertaining. Similarly, that’s how we operate our marketing company. If you have questions, want to learn more, or just need a little advice…77 Design Co is a click or call away.

Don't Market Like It's the Wild West. Night time sky at Zion.