Making Your Brand More Visible

Making Your Brand More Visible. This time we’ll offer an article about some ways to get more eyes on your business and its brand. Visibility is important. The importance of this is especially true for a newer business. Some of the things we’ll discuss below are what you can do to help customers see your brand more often. While it’s true that everything has a cost, there’s also a few inexpensive ways to help with visibility also. Read on…

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Make your brand more visible with these tips below.

What are we talking about here? Firstly, let’s discuss companies that do 0 marketing or branding. These businesses may feel there is no need. That’s totally fine. Many have thrived from word of mouth alone for years.

However, they very well could also be leaving a lot of potential work on the table. For many companies invisibility can be their downfall too. Ask around. Those who failed likely had little to no marketing or visibility. Or, moreover, it wasn’t very creative. Unless you are in a position of complete comfortability with a consistent stream of work, invisibility can seriously hurt your business. The invisibility we are talking about here is the absence of any online visibility, social media, print marketing, or even nothing as much as a billboard.

Ways to increase visibility.

“When you need a tissue, do you ask for a tissue, or for a Kleenex? When you’re ordering a drink at a fast-food restaurant, do you ask for a cola, or a Coke? What about when you cut yourself? Do you look for a plastic bandage, or a Band-Aid?” This is the opening paragraph of 18 Sneaky Ways to Build Brand Awareness by WordStream. It’s available to read here: The article starts off with showing readers just how important visibility can be for your brand.

The above is a prime example of visibility and awareness. Yes, building this kind of brand awareness takes time. Also yes, it probably cost these large companies a ton of money. However, you can do the same! At first, you can start smaller and locally. As your brand visibility and income increases so can your budget. Here are some ways to start showing off your brand and business:

*social media-consistent and entertaining posts

*hats/shirts/and other apparel-hand these to clients and employees

*billboards digital or traditional-be bold and eye-catching

*direct mail-know your audience and make these interesting with good offers

*networking-meet people and pass out cards/brochures

*SEO or digital marketing-can be expensive but depending on your industry very worth it

*vehicle wraps and other signage-you see these everyday

*sponsorships to causes, trade shows, and so much more.

Wrap up.

The point here is that if customers can’t see you, how will they know about you? We aren’t saying spend $100,000 or $1,000,000 on a marketing strategy, but create a branding strategy that is effective based on your budget. Of course there also needs to be some imagination, creativity, and outside the box thinking involved to attract attention.

Making your brand more visible takes some time, lots of effort, creativity, likely some external help, and of course at least some budget. Need a hand? Let us know how we can help here:

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