Small Business Startup and Marketing

Small Business Startup and Marketing

So what’s been happening at 77 lately? TONS! Recently at 77 Design Co, we have been working hard to help several small local businesses devise full scale marketing plans that are both cost effective for them, and entice new customers to their products. We will be promoting and marketing these businesses in the near future, so stay tuned! You WILL want to know about them!

These marketing plans cover the whole gamut of supporting and necessary needs for a business to get off the ground running. Some of the services in these plans include:

*web design (several hours per month of support)

*blogging (1-4 per month for the ever changing website)

*photography and video (several hours per month)

*graphic design (several hours of design support for new brochures/cards/logo/mailers)

*social media management (an agreed upon number of monthly posts with trainings included)

*SEO help (support and training for best practices)

The monthly marketing plans we’ve offered have been greeted thus far with open arms. They also cover a wide range of important marketing aspects that are usually purchased separately, which typically means more expense 💵 too. These programs cover it all and help our customers reach their customers as soon as they open their doors. We love to help small business thrive!

Give us a ring if you know a new business starting up.

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