Who is Your Customer?

Who is Your Customer? Simple question. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. This question is the foundation of creating an effective marketing plan, and you should be able to answer it with ease.

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Why is it so important?

Specifics matter. You wouldn’t order a slice of apple pie without the apples. The same can be said of starting a marketing strategy. Knowing who you are marketing towards allows you to tailor the message accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll just be left with the crust.

If your base customer is 55+ years old, Tik Tok and Instagram probably aren’t your most effective channels. As a result, you will find more impactful results with something like paid FB ads directed to that age range. Similarly, another effective plan may be to create a personalized message that is both relatable and easy for them to contact you. Digital tactics such as Geofencing for mobile or even old school print ads could be beneficial.

Let’s say you are in the home remodeling industry. Most of the homes you work on are small urban remodels within 15 miles of the city. These are typically owned by new younger families within the 25-35 year old range. Running radio ads on the local oldies station is not only a waste of money, but it isn’t even close to your target audience. Therefore, it’s good to know exactly who you are targeting. Forbes offers seven great ways to help find your target audience here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2020/04/17/seven-ways-to-identify-your-ideal-client/?sh=6220093a4c21

How to figure it out.

One of the first questions we ask upon meeting a new client is, “who is your ideal customer?” If they immediately answer it’s a great sign. If not, there is some work to be done. We’ve discussed this in the past. Start small if you must.

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Knowing your customer means better ways of making more money.

I suggest taking a small sampling, of say, 20 recent customers. After that, break this down to try starting with age. If you do not have a customer profile on them use your best judgement. At least an idea is better than nothing at all. Record your findings. Start an Excel file on customers if you have to. Even more, next you can attempt to record other valuable info like, geographic area, sex, rough estimates on income, purchases they’ve made, and more. In due time, you’ll have a handy customer profile that allows you to target your customer better!

Need help?

77 Design Co has many ways to help you better figure out who your customer really is. It’s one of the many ways we help you market your business better. For a free consultation and Customer Profile template, contact us here https://77designco.com/contact-us-2/

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