How Marketing Helps Other Areas of Business

How Marketing Helps Other Areas of Business” is an article discussing the additional benefits marketing has on your business. It’s not just sales that a great marketing plan assists with. There are many other advantages you will find with a creative and well-planned marketing strategy.

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How Marketing Helps Other Areas of Business
Customer retention

Even if you do not get one new lead, call, or make one sale through a marketing program, there can still be benefits. Customer retention is at the top of this list. A great promotion of your products & services will keep you on top of mind with your current customers. Of course, the marketing has to be of interest and come complete with consistent professional content, video, or images. Likewise, this leads to repeat purchases from your base down the line. In many cases in our experience, the repeat business alone pays for itself.

Keeping customers is important to just about any business. A solid marketing plan makes this easier and more possible.

Tracking & analytics

Another reason to consider how marketing helps other areas of business is through tracking & analytics. It’s important to realize how your marketing can help you forge ahead with what is working, and what is not. Have you ever looked over your company FB analytics to see how much reach or engagement you get on a particular post? No? Well, you should. For instance, that is just one simple example.

The very idea of tracking what a current customer (or potentially new customer) is interested in should peak your interest. Why? Because this is how you make the connection! Certainly you would want to know who your customer is, what they like, their ages, and as much more as you can about them. Obviously, all of this information can and should be used to tailor your marketing message. You get to know and understand your customer more intimately.

Branding & visibility
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Keep colors, logos, and other branding consistent.

Is your business immediately recognized when you meet new people or potential customers? Yes? Alright, feel free to click away. No? Well, time to make it recognizable!

The tagline, logo, and other branding content should be consistent throughout. Every social media page, printed material, web page and all else should look the same or at least very similar. Additionally, Hootsuite offers plenty more here:

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Give Us Your Marketing Problems

Give us your marketing problems. Yep, you heard that right. We want your marketing problems. Bold…but true. We have the tools, experience, and resources to fix your problems.

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Give us Your Marketing Problems. We have the tools to fix them.
In the Beginning

When we started this venture together, we identified a host of issues that both of us have ran across over the years we have been in business. I will not say we’ve seen it all. However, we have definitely seen our fair share of problems in the creative/marketing world. Everything from web designers bailing on their clients never to be heard of again, to improperly designed logos, to incorrect photo files delivered to customers.

Additionally, we’ve seen a whole range of other issues in between. Too many times creatives simply just take the money. Then, they create sub par products and disappear or never correct the problems. This is unprofessional and irritating to the clients that have come to us with these issues. Likewise, it also annoys the hell out of us too. It’s a black eye on the industry.

Not Everyone

Firstly, let me also say that this is not completely across the board. There are amazing graphic designers, photographers, and web creatives out there that do top notch artwork. They understand also that they need to give clients the highest quality of work and service. We love meeting these people! If you are reading this and feel like you are a highly creative, responsive, and a responsible professional in one of these fields…drop us a line. We’d be excited to chat with you and see how we could work together.

Sorry If This Has Happened to You

Above all, if you are a business owner that has fell into one of these traps…we are sorry. We’ll make the apology on their behalf. If you spent way too much money on something that didn’t work or didn’t work very well, again, we are sorry. ¬†We are also here to help find the solution.

Ever Have Any of The Following Problems?

Is your website outdated or not designed to your liking? Does your social media content lack an impactful message? Do you only have web sized files that a photographer delivered to you and are unable to use any images for print? Are the photos not very well focused or even eye catching? Is your logo pixelating and distorting when you try to add it to a larger sign, or even on the web? Did the person who made your website make it and then never return calls or emails? Not sure what to do with your business social media pages, or how to operate them to maximum efficiency? Was the cost associated with any of your marketing efforts beyond what you wanted to spend? Need a way to get customers to see what your product or service is REALLY all about? Don’t feel that the marketing company you used in the past completely understood your industry and business?

If you answered yes to any of the above or similar questions give us a call. We’d love to help with a free consultation.

We listen. We’ll offer free advice. Next, we’ll dig deep into your business to learn as much as we can about it. After that we act quickly. We are not your typical marketing service. However, we have all the tools and know how to fix your marketing problems!

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