Up Your Game


NO? We’ll boldy say now, that you are HURTING YOUR BUSINESS in today’s online marketing environment! To clarify, there is an abundance of business to be had through social media. A huge number of businesses have already found that out.

Yes? Then congratulations! You are competing. More than 50 million small and large businesses currently use Facebook to connect to people and customers. So what can make you stand out versus your competition? Well, we’re here to help guide you in the right direction.

Are we the total end all be all experts?

Nope. Do we have all the answers to every social media question possible? Nope. Is your business going to explode overnight by following our advice in this blog? Nope. Are we continuously studying statistics, analytics, and information out there to get better? Yep! Can advice in this blog help you in the long run? Absolutely! Social media is a long, consistent, and thought out game like baseball. ⚾️

Odds are that your competition is already on Facebook, or some other form of social media. What will make you shine, stand out, get attention, and grow your business? With Facebook alone you have roughly two billion active monthly users at your fingertips. However, the odds of reaching the correct audience are astronomical. How do you reach them? How do you get your business noticed?  It’s easy…one of the best ways is videos. Yep, videos! They receive the most engagements of all!

Not only just posting videos, but you need these videos to be a bit thought out.

Let us explain…only about 15% of people actually watch Facebook videos WITH SOUND on. Don’t waste those “views,” make sure to use subtitles or make the video easy to understand without sound. Over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day! Thats right…8 BILLION! Make your videos creative, interesting, and beautifully shot. Show people what you are doing or making and how your business can help. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Photos Too, Please!

Don’t feel comfortable making videos? You may be shooting yourself in the foot but what you can and definitely should be posting is images. To those posts, add emoji’s and tag locations. You will receive around 30% more engagement than those without! It’s so easy, right?! Wow! Just make sure all those cute little emoticons fit your posts content. You may not always need them. 😀😛

Business Cards

Pay Attention.

Now that you posted your video or images, now what? Don’t just leave and say I did my due diligence for the day. Rather, stay tuned to it because 78% of people who complained on Twitter expected a response within one hour. So be ready to have your business look on point! Respond to messages quickly.

Heck, hire or train someone to do your social media for you! There are around 20,000 people every 20 seconds on Facebook. The average American spends roughly 50 minutes per day on Facebook. There’s about 310 million monthly active users on Twitter, and 48% of brands use Instagram. A large portion of Instagram users even take action after seeing an advertising post. Wow! Pretty crazy stuff!

So in conclusion, it will make for a big investment to really put some effort into social media, consequently it will pay off. It has definitely taken over your typical “billboard sign”! You don’t think so? How many passengers that drive by are actually looking at signs anyhow? Most of them have their face in their phone!  No waiting…go get that business!


Analyze. Create. Achieve.


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Creating Content to Better Market Your Business

In the marketing world, creating content for your business may seem difficult…but it’s not! It just takes a little outside the box thinking and abandoning the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ approach. The content you post to social media, your website, or even within the printable marketing materials you hand out, should tell a unique story about what you do. Audience engagement is at an all time low. However, creative content can help!

Recently, we’ve added a local banking client. They understand and see the value in custom content (images, videos, blogs etc.) For instance, they want to show customers who they are behind the scenes. Also, they’d like people to know what they do and how they differ from other banks. We will be helping them build their brand with testimonial videos, blogs, print, and creating custom “stock” commercial photography over the next year or so. By bringing us in, they will get an outside perspective on their banking business. This is something that tremendously excites us at 77! It is also something that we feel we can help them greatly with.

Creating your own content can be inexpensive and give you a leg up on your competition. What content should you make to show others? Simple. Show the world your products, your staff, action photos of your services, or just implementing a simple blog can also suffice. There are so many ways to create engaging content and way too many ways to list within one blog. Obviously there’s more, but these are some ideas that can get you started.

*Share reviews
*Create Custom Photo/Video
*Explain Industry Problems
*Explain Industry Solutions
*Share Other Professional Stories (always cite your source though)
*Tell the Story of How You Began Your Business
*Create Custom Graphics or Infographics
*Create a YouTube Channel (share how-to’s)
*Interview Customers and Share

Below are some images and graphics we have created for content. Some of these are for certain times of the year, or for a specific market. A lot of this has been shared throughout social media, our website, and within our printed brochures but perhaps these will help give you ideas.

You can create relevant content for your business too. It only takes a bit of creativity, time, and most importantly passion. Think to yourself, ‘what do I want to do for my business today?’ As a result, you will find more engagement.

Analyze. Create. Achieve.