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Hi all, Email Marketing Girl here:

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That’s exactly what you want to know, right? How to make money. How to make money while marketing your business. First, everyone can agree, in order for a business to be successful, it needs clients. Word of mouth will only get you so far.

So follow me here…. we have clients, we do some marketing magic for them, they get new business and even RECURRING business, the company makes money, and then everyone is happy. Doesn’t that sound like the best win win situation ever?

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Word of mouth will only get you so far.

Do you guys use Facebook or other social media? Well, let me tell you a short story….

Let us start out with this restoration/remodeling company.

We started promoting them on Facebook as a deck remodeling specialist business in the spring. We post for them usually weekly or bi-weekly. Guess what…consequently, they receive a minimum of 3-5 quotes via text, email, or Facebook message, through the Facebook business account.  MINIMUM THREE QUOTES! EVERY TIME A POST GOES UP!

They are extremely impressed and then started to get busy, which is what you want for your company. Roughly 80% of their business is generated from Facebook postings. CRAZY, AM I RIGHT?

Alternative Types of Marketing.

Furthermore, there’s a wide range of marketing tactics you can utilize also other than Facebook. Direct mail. Signage. Alternate social media channels. Paid ads. The list goes on, and each will result in varying returns of your investment. On the other hand, doing nothing leads to nothing.

Are you guys using Facebook to its fullest potential? Do you want to post once a day, once a week? Specifically about a certain subject, service, or product? We can put a marketing plan together. As a result, this help you reach your highest potential.

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Web Design for Small Business-$777.77

$777.77…yea, we know, it’s ridiculous!

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Firstly, let’s start by saying we are running a basic marketing website design special for $777.77 through the end of August. The special is geared towards startups and existing businesses, that have little or no web presence. Consequently, this website special will give these types of businesses an affordable starting point. Don’t have a website? Now is certainly the time!

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August Website Special

The special (ridiculously priced at $777) gives a business an opportunity to get a website designed and their name out into the Interweb world, then begin work on an adaptable site. You get a Home, About, and Contact page. Additionally, we’ll create a Products or Services page and add up to 5 of your products or services. The site is scalable, mobile friendly, SEO ready,  and can grow along with your business!

This is a great way to get started!

However, this special does NOT include SSL certificates, maintenance, email set ups, or backups. We can help with that at a nominal fee though. Alternatively, you have the option of handling all of that yourself.

As small business owners, we have dealt with the hardships of starting out and feel this is a way to give back. Starting a business isn’t easy, so we understand. We also regularly volunteer time with SCORE in Westmoreland County, PA to help new business owners get their ball rolling. Helping others successfully build their dream of entrepreneurship is extremely important to us. Taking advantage of this inexpensive offer will help a business on a tight budget.

Are we going to make money off this special? Not much. However, sometimes that shouldn’t always be the goal. Sometimes, you should just be a helping hand.

Call or email today to learn more! We are only running this special through August 31, 2019!

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Marketing for all your business needs.

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Tips for Small Business Marketing

Hello and welcome,

Email Marketing Girl:

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They always say marketing is the first to go when companies are downsizing and trying to save some money. Let me tell you, I highly disagree with this. Marketing is what brings in the money, if it’s done with specific intent and creativity.

If you aren’t marketing yourself or your company, you’re being dormant. You should always be moving and trying new things in the marketing realm in order for your company to grow and profit. You may even find customers in alternative places. Trying a new tactic can prove profitable.

Look for outlets that your competition isn’t marketing. An example may be a construction company that uses Instagram. Perhaps, the competition in your area is not utilizing this, and customers may want to see what’s new and innovative in the world of deck building. You are building customized decks…now show them!

I love how many avenues (find a different word maybe?) of marketing there are. There’s social media, design, email, paid search, analytics, traditional, text, search engine, and more. Whatever you choose to pursue, you’re still under the marketing umbrella and working towards a common goal. Whatever your heart desires, market your business in a niche way.

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Personally, I love marketing! It’s fun! There is so much that goes into it, however it is often undervalued.

Every business needs clients. Marketing is what gets you clients, which makes it a necessity. Marketing is like the fun wild child of the business world. People who work in marketing typically aren’t the super professional white collar people. They are creative down to earth “normal” people. Marketing has only a few rules which I think is awesome! You can do whatever the hell you want to help the business get more people in the door and attract attention to it.

There are also very few limits to marketing. It can range from old school newspaper adds, radio, or yellow pages all the way to digital marketing and social media.

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