This Weeks Blog Topic-How to Choose Blog Topics!

Even marketing professionals hit creative blocks. Everyone does. This weeks blog centers around ‘Choosing Blog Topics!’ 😉

First of all, writing blogs takes time, energy, and creativity. Everyone is bound to hit certain mental blocks from time to time. Writing is certainly no exception. In our weekly conference call last week, it was a point of discussion about what the blog topic would be for the coming week. After a few minutes of deliberation, our topic choice…How to Choose Blog Topics. Perfect!

Choosing Your Topic

Because it is often difficult to choose a topic, we have decided to write some ideas from past blogs that may be helpful WHEN (not IF) you run into the same issue. Something you may be asking yourself. What do you write about?

What to Write About

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It doesn’t matter. Really, it doesn’t! Because, as long as it is well written, interesting, and thought out, it can make a big impact on your business. Blogging topics can range from a personal trip or experience to the newest product line in your industry. Whatever you write about just make sure to proofread it several times and make it engaging. Below are a few topics we have written about in the past:

  • Why Color Matters to Your Brand (an article about how colors affect the perception of your brand.)
  • Marketing & Gardening-A Comparable Explanation (a blog all about the similarities of marketing and gardening.)
  • Marketing Tips for Your Business in 2019 (tips for increasing awareness of your brand in 2019.)
  • A Day off Goes a Long Way (a simple weekend trip to a local winery, which was not business related whatsoever, but interesting.)
  • Apple Pie Anyone? Happy Thanksgiving from 77 (an apple pie recipe for Thanksgiving from our own Holly Saville.) 😋

As a result, the topics we covered over the last few months were diverse. This is especially true of the last two topics above which were certainly more personal than professional. It didn’t matter. They were topics that got us a lot of reach and interest. It brought some personality to the 77 brand. This is due to keeping topics fresh and not letting things get stale.

A Few More

Other topics you could choose to blog about may include, a new product or service you provide, a great customer review, a new employee, or perhaps something you thought of at your kids baseball game that could help benefit your industry. Find a topic that interests you or your customers. Furthermore, the topics you choose can be a piece of advice or directions on a ‘how to’ similar to this blog.

Topics are limitless. However, it’s a good idea to try and tie them into your business, if you are using a business related website to post to. This will also help the SEO for your website. Remember to proofread and edit where necessary. Be critical of your own writing because it will help you get better at blogging. Your blogs should look professional even if they are just for a hobby or interest of yours.

Now get writing and get blogging! Choosing a topic is not very difficult and it just takes a little imagination.

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