Some FAQ’s About Marketing

This blog will discuss some FAQ’s about marketing. When meeting with new (and even existing) clients these often come up. Without a doubt, business owners want answers. Hey, guess what? We want to answer them!

It’s totally understandable why a business owner, or someone in charge of the business, would have questions when considering hiring a marketing firm. They should. Anytime we make a business decision we have questions too. For this reason, we’ve decided to compile a list of some FAQ’s about marketing. Let’s get to it.

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Common Questions

Question: So, what all do you guys do?

Answer: At this point we usually go over the list of services we offer. You can view them here

This is the “get to know one another” part. Clients usually want to hear about what services they may be able to use and more importantly how it can help their business. At this time, this is also our chance to explain what we do and why we do it. It’s equally important to lay the ground work on our particular style of customer service and work ethic too.

Question: Our website is older. We can’t get ahold of the person that designed it anymore. Can you update and work on bettering our website?

Answer: This is a pretty common question. It’s also one we typically don’t like to get. Why? Because the answer usually isn’t what the client wants to hear. If a password and email for the site is unavailable, you may have been taken to the cleaners. This is common in the web field. Let’s reiterate…not always though. However, too many times we’ve met business owners that have 0 access to their own website. This sucks. A new website is typically the answer.

We also don’t repair sites because there are too many ingredients already used that we don’t know about. It’s like trying to bake the exact same cake without an instruction list of all the ingredients used in the original. Ask immediately whether you’ll have access to your website upon contracting a web designer.

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More Common Questions

Question: What’s it cost?

Answer: By far, the most common question that comes up every meeting. So. Many. Variables. Depending on the amount of work, the type of work, and the length of time to complete a project, that determines the pricing.

However, there are some predetermined prices. At least with us. We can’t speak on how other marketing companies operate. Or, hourly rates are available for some smaller projects also. Would you like to know our pricing for services? Just ask 🙂

Question: We’re so far behind our competitor X on Google searches. Why do they always come up and we aren’t found?

Answer: Once in a while we get this question too. Again, there’s a lot of variables. Updating a website and blog are part of this answer. If the site hasn’t been touched, likely that’s hurting the SEO. It’s important to realize what your competitor is doing as well. Are they dumping money in paid ads? Is your business even listed with Google?

Keywords, meta descriptions, security, and optimized pages are all important too. There’s a lot more that goes into SEO rankings than can be listed here. This is usually a long and quite detailed conversation to find the answers.

A Few More

Question: Why can’t we use both (or multiple) logos?

Answer: Using multiple logos isn’t a good idea. It creates confusion. Certainly you want to create brand recognition and have people identify with the color and logo. To sum up, usually you want to go with just one logo.

But, there are times you can switch colors to represent your company as a social awareness brand. For example, Major League Baseball switches standard colors to pink for breast cancer and Mother’s Day. Apple for Pride month, and various other brands routinely change colors as well.

Question: Why shouldn’t we use stock photography?

Answer: It’s not that you shouldn’t. There are instances when you may need to use them. We just believe that creating custom images for your company is much more impactful. Additionally, here’s a few more reasons why:

The image(s) aren’t your products or company. A stock photo cannot accurately represent your founder, employees, or other staff. Consumers may likely find the same image(s) elsewhere, maybe on a competitors marketing materials. Further, it’s just misrepresentative of your brand.


We could go on, but for the sake of keeping this “Some FAQ’s About Marketing” blog short and sweet, we’ll stop here. Perhaps, we’ll revisit additional questions in the future.

Check in next time for more marketing info and tips!

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