Is Your Marketing Working?

Is your marketing working for your business? This blog we take a look at measuring the success of your marketing strategy. Equally important, the connection you currently have (or don’t) with your marketing firm.

You undoubtedly put hard earned money and trust into whomever you chose to work with. Subsequently, you’d like to see some return. We’ll focus on some things that you should be getting when hiring a marketing firm to do the work.

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Measuring Success

At the time of this writing, we just left a long time clients office. What did we do there? We discussed analytics and future strategy together. For the most part, we chatted and caught up on things both personal and professional. This matters. Why? Because it builds trust and strengthens both relationships.

It’s a good idea to find a firm that will evaluate all of the strategy with you. This morning we discussed our clients SEO, website analytics, social media numbers, and goals for the coming months. When Client X had questions, we had answers.

Not everything was hunky dory. Our client had fallen in a few SEO rankings and wanted to know why. For this reason, we explained the lack of communication during their busy season had altered what we were doing regularly. To clarify, we didn’t make any moves without their approval. Their approval was never granted. Communication ceased for a bit and it hurt them in rankings.

Regardless, they understood. We then moved along to what we can do to improve together. Measuring success doesn’t always involve leads, calls, and tracking numbers. Sometimes, it’s simply just discussing how to improve what ultimately leads to those higher numbers and ranking.


We asked, “is your marketing working?” as a lead in title to this blog. The connection between client and marketing firm should be something truly special. You’ll want to know someone is working with you to better your business. Also, to help make you more money and improve leads. As a matter of fact, the marketing firm should learn as much about your business as possible. This is the only way to create content that works. Connecting with clients on a regular basis will undoubtedly improve the marketing.

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What new products or services do you have? Your marketing company needs to know.

Is there something you don’t offer anymore, or don’t really want to promote? Your marketing company needs to know.

Have there been any changes to your personal life that may affect your business? Your marketing company needs to know.

At any rate, you get the point. The marketing company has to be involved in some day to day at least. We’d even argue that the marketing company should immerse themselves in your business.

Posting canned social media posts…ain’t gonna cut it!

Building a website with all irrelevant stock imagery…ain’t gonna cut it!

Creating a logo and other branding without input from the owner or decision maker, you guessed it…ain’t gonna cut it!

Where’s the personality? How can customers identify with the business? The connection between the marketing firm and client needs to be deep. It also needs to be coupled with some creativity and innovation.

Marketing + Connection = Success.

Finally, as we mentioned above, build a strong connection with your marketer(s). Look to build the relationship and look to make sure they care as much about your business as you. Working together will help everyone thrive simultaneously!

Is your marketing working?

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