20 Things About 77 Design Co

77 Design Co isn’t just a small (and in some instances, large) business marketing firm, we believe in constantly evolving ourselves and the businesses that we work for. Sometimes this requires taking a step back to find the roots in how/why you got started, where you want to go, and how you differentiate.

This week, it was suggested at one of our professional networking groups, that members create a list of “20 topics about your business” that can be shared with the other members for the following weeks meeting. Immediately, this seemed like a delicious idea. Why not create a solid list of items that differentiate your business from others in your field? It really wouldn’t take that long, especially if you know your business well. Sharing these ideas could easily lead others to better understand what it is that you do, how you do it, and also to better arm them with information about your professional field. We have followed this advise and constructed a list of 20 things, that we feel, make 77 Design Co stand out:

Local marketing vs national marketing firms (having a local firm who understands the area, population, demographics, and is readily available, could be hugely advantageous versus working with a firm across the country that doesn’t even know you.)

  • Diverse backgrounds in the creative marketing field (between the members of 77 Design Co, each of us have worked within varying aspects of marketing and have established a wide range of marketing skills.)
  • Communication (HIGHLY IMPORTANT! Actually this should be at the top of the list. We believe consistent communication is the key to success in every level of any relationship. Not sure how many other firms emphasize the importance of this…or just take it for granted.)
  •  Creative (Nobody in the world can think creatively the way that you do. We are all in our own heads, and nobody else knows exactly how we each think individually which is what makes us all unique. We are all pretty right brained here so creative comes pretty naturally.)
  • Education (At 77, again, there’s a diverse range of degrees that have been obtained through higher education. Education is extremely important to success as well and helps with knowing and understanding many situations.)
  • Insured (77 Design Co carries several forms of insurance covering just about any problem that may arise.)
  • Responsive (We have a 24 hour return email/call/text policy. Usually we’ll respond as quick as within an hour or 2. If you don’t hear back from one of us…there’s a major emergency.)
  • Innovative Ideas (This could be lumped into Creative, but there’s way more to what we do than JUST creative. Often there’s a lot of outside the box thinking that is required to put a plan together. Each client differs and we’ll innovate and establish new ideas for each.)
  • Print (Want those colors to match on your mailers or brochures? Our backgrounds in printing will ensure all printed marketing materials turn out the way they should look.)
  • Psychology of Marketing (Constant research is always being done at 77 to better understand how consumers react to images, colors, fonts, design layouts, etc. We are always evolving our knowledge in this subject and it’s imperative that a marketing firm knows how people will perceive your brand.)
  • Easy to Work With ( Come on, who doesn’t want life to be easier? We are a pretty mild mannered, laid back, and relaxed organization. If you have ideas, we want to hear them! We work WITH others not against them.)
  • Works Within Budgets (Every company differs, and every company only has so much to work with. We get it. After our free marketing consultation, we’ll determine what fits in your budget and do our best to help your business succeed in its goals while staying within that budget.)
  • Honesty (No bullshit here! We tell it like it is and answer any question you have to the best of our abilities and as truthfully as possible. This dynamic helps us build very close relationships with our clientele base.)
  • Cost Effective (Just take a look around at what other firms charge. Enough said.)
  • Experience with Differing Businesses (Our experience with helping businesses of all sizes and professions allows us to offer assistance to a variety of industries. We have worked with 1 man sole prop construction companies up to large manufacturing firms…and even religious organizations.)
  • Years of Experience  (Just between the 2 owners, not including our staff, 77 Design Co has over 20 years experience in marketing and similar fields.)
  •  Program Experience (On a daily basis, we work within multiple different programs and softwares from the complete Adobe Suite, to Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, WordPress, and a host of other photo editing programs. Plus, too many more to list here.)
  • History (We are well aware of the artists, advertisers, sales and marketing gurus that came before us. We study what has worked in the past and fuse this with what works now. Art history and literature also play major roles here and we’ve studied works from the all the way back to the Ancient Greeks, to current contemporary artists, and as much as possible in between.)
  • Love Helping New Business (As entrepreneurs, we love hearing new ideas from newer business owners. We also love to help guide them towards a successful venture in their profession and help increase sales. This also applies to already established business and we enjoy re-branding projects or just creating new and fresh marketing strategies that will work for them as well.)
  • Analyze. Create. Achieve. ( Our slogan. At 77 we analyze the situations many business owners face. We then assess the best possible course of action to improve upon existing strategies. Next, we create solutions, artworks, online strategies, or plans of action. Finally, we help the business achieve its goals to the best of our abilities.)

Let’s all make some money together!