Planning Effective Social Media Marketing

Planning Effective Social Media Marketing is a blog designed to improve a social media marketing strategy for your business. We will cover some important elements needed to keep people engaged and build your brand.

Initially, many businesses will start a page and begin making posts. However, the reasons for why and how aren’t always apparent. Many think having a business page and making posts will just bring in customers left and right. Others believe having a page, on one of the many available outlets, is just something they should be doing. Regardless of the reasons many business social media pages fall flat. They don’t produce and lack a clear concise plan. This blog is meant to inform and improve your strategy.

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First up, demographics. Why? Planning effective social media marketing requires knowing your audience. Similarly, the same can be said for any form of marketing. Gender, age, marital status, income, location, and much more really matters. There are many tools you can use to assist in narrowing down these categories. They are usually worth the monthly investment.

When you find out who your potential (and current) customers are, you can then create posts they will be interested in. You will resonate more with them. Let’s say you own a boutique bridal store for example. As I have noted, knowing the audience matters. You most certainly want to construct posts that are geared towards young women. This is true down to the look, feel, graphics, and even font choices you use. Older married couples and the single 50-something year old man are probably not who you are looking for. Albeit there are probably a few brides/grooms moms that are researching for their daughter or daughter-in-laws.

Elaboration on the Look & Feel

I’ll elaborate here. The posts your business puts out reflects its personality. Much like the above mentioned bridal store, a construction company must think similarly. For example, a roofing company wouldn’t want to use flowing, elegant cursive fonts with big bright flowery images to show what they do. For instance, the image below (intentionally created as an example) is a pretty piss poor representation of what a roofing company truly does.

Planning Effective Social Media Marketing. A sarcastic image of purple flowers with a house behind it.
A bad (obviously fake) representation for a roofing company post.

A roofing company obviously should create posts that show the true nature of their work. Images or videos of men and women working hard, detailed close up shots of the shingles, tools, and a little ruggedness & grittiness would better represent the brand. Likewise, remember above the demographics? Yea, you are speaking through posts to customers that don’t want to see flowers and pretty. This is especially true using stock images of work you haven’t actually done. But more likely your teams completed work or some final intricate photos of the roof.

Time, Tags, Length, and Content

Oh yea, all of the additional fun stuff to also remember! Planning Effective Social Media Marketing wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the other important aspects to consider. The actual posting. Start learning all you can about when to post, the size of images you should use, as well as proper tags and length for posts. Without a doubt, all of this matters too. Additionally, we are sorry to say, this will take a long time to learn.

When to post on which platform will matter. Look it up. We aren’t giving away the milk for free. Time will undoubtedly affect the reach and engagement of each post. Further, research the tags you should use and how long your posts are. Content, yep. We have already provided solid information on that in our July 26th blog. Didn’t read it? Shame on you. Here it is again:

Want to build a strong and effective social media plan for your business? Drop us a line! We offer social media training for your staff, consulting, and social media management.

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