Content Ideas for Your Business

Content Ideas for Your Business is an article focusing solely on ideas you can use to better promote your small business on a budget. Marketing is a necessity. This is true for any sized business. Doing nothing in the way of marketing will yield nothing. Or, at least just the minimum.

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No marketing = no yield.

Every legitimate business needs some form of marketing. Likewise, every legitimate business needs money to survive. How do you balance both? Yes, it’s true some forms of advertisement and marketing can be quite costly. While this may be true, the marketing should pay for itself and then some. However, there are other things you can do on a budget that are effective.

Here’s a few ideas from WordStream that will help. We’ll touch on some and elaborate.

Idea 1:

The first on the list is Google my Business. Our Content Ideas for Your Business blog can help. But, you must first be found. Likewise, this gets you “on the map” so to speak. If you registered as a legitimate legal business entity time to register it on Google. Get found.

Idea 2:

Next on the WordStream article is social media. Everyone knows this is usually free and a great form of marketing. Obviously this is well known. In short, you’ll need to know what you are doing with it though. Here are a few content ideas for your business social pages:

  • Post about your deals/specials.
  • Make posts interesting and engaging.
  • Make these posts fun!
  • Use humor appropriately when possible.
  • Check over proper times, tags, and image sizes for posts. Each differ for different platforms. Coupled with these mentioned and many other aspects this will also affect reach.
  • Ideally, you’ll want to create beautiful photography and videos to present for your company.
  • Show off your team and customers.

Further, there’s so many more content ideas for social media that it seems endless. For example, you can also create polls, games, and promote your website among the many more. Moreover, remember that people don’t want to be sold to continuously, so be informative and fun with it. It’s there. Use it.

Idea 3:
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We like #8 on the WordStream list. Create little infographics. Additionally make this fun or professional. Either way and both ways will help. Add them to your social channels, website, or even printed materials. If these are difficult to make or you are unsure of what to do you can always hire a marketing company/graphic designer to help ;).

Another point they hit on in the WordStream link is using your own proprietary data or finding industry related info. Statistics are available all over the place. Consequently ensure they are accurate and reliable. Stats are much easier for people to understand when laid out in a clear infographic.

Idea 4:

Blogs. For instance, what we are doing now! Why? Because it’s a great way to help share content, build a little SEO, and assist other businesses.

Don’t know what to blog about? Ha! They can be anything! As a matter of fact, take a look through our previous blogs. We’ve shared the history of Halloween, apple pie recipes, and other things that were loosely if not completely unrelated to marketing. This can be done occasionally. But we suggest staying on topic to your business or industry.

Likewise, blogging isn’t super easy if it’s to be effective. It takes some work and know how. There are many factors to consider like keyphrases, meta descriptions, length, readability, and much more. However, it’s free to do!

Need help with effective blogging or marketing? Drop us a line.

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