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Business Marketing & Content. What does this mean? Well, simply put, this is an article about the different types of content useful for marketing your business effectively.

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Business Marketing & Content

At one point, during the innumerable amount of meetings we’ve had over the years, a question and follow up statement was made. “Well, I mean, how hard is it? You just post content.” This statement has been in the back of my mind for almost a year now.

At first, admittedly I was a bit offended and a little angry. We’ve worked with this particular client several years prior. The thought that they believed all we did was click post and “post content” to their company social media page was a little surprising. This is coming off of a wildly successful social media campaign through the pandemic in 2020 and into ’21. One that undoubtedly made their company at least 5 or even possibly 6 additional figures!

Emotions in Check

Heading into the meeting, we were confident the client would be excited to push the marketing even further into new avenues. Or, at least, gladly stick to last years plan. During negotiations for the next contract (which is something we usually don’t do…negotiate) that statement was made. Time to keep emotions in check. Even the best personal or business relationships hit snags at times.

So, what caused this perception? We knew the creativity was top notch. We also believed the client knew of all the hard work that went into their successful social media plan. However, business marketing & content creation isn’t always fully understood. It’s our job to tutor clients. Also, to let them know exactly what is happening. So, we won’t use this as an airing of grievances, but as an educational tool.

Content, What is It?

What is involved in content? What is it? We found a great blog from a firm, Brafton, that better explains all of this: They did a fantastic job of defining content creation, types, processes, and much more.

Content can be anything from an image to an idea. The key word here, is idea. That word often gets overlooked when it comes to monetary discussions. Content can also be written, animated, or heard. As a matter of fact, content is something you also want to appeal to the senses. Effective content tells a story or gives the audience something to feel. Here are a few types of content to consider:

Website content

High-quality images and/or videos sized properly for the web. SEO ready items such as keywords, landing pages, hashtags, and relevant info to your industry are all important. These will help search engines find your site.

Printed Content

Handing out a business card or flyer? That’s printed content. Sending mailers and offers to current or potential customers? Printed content. Content and images that are printed for handouts need to be WOW factors! That is to say, you want the images, designs, and info to truly stand out. People are bombarded day in and day out with these things. So, make sure yours is better looking!

Social Media Content

I will say, this is a little difficult to explain or understand. We’ll just touch on a few things. Social media marketing is a vast subject with many variables. There are so many aspects to proper social media marketing. Content is just one piece. Albeit, a BIG part of your approach.

I have seen fantastic content on social that still fell flat. This is due to not incorporating other important elements to the strategy. Things like time of day, hashtags, and length of posts all affect the algorithms, among others.

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In the meantime, until all of the other parts of social are understood and applied, the content must be meaningful. I’ll add here that the content for posts can make you an authority on a subject and grow your audience. The type of content and quality of it can also drive web traffic or even generate new additional income. Again, you have a variety of content to create for postings. Podcasts, blogs, written content, photography, and videos are just a few. Additionally, some things to think about are, how can my business help? What valuable info can we share? What makes our company differ from others in our industry?

Effective Content

For example, let’s say you own a restaurant. Hamburgers are your biggest seller. Everybody loves your burgers. You offer several unique varieties of quality hamburgers. Now your marketing content should key in on taste, smell, and sight. First, you’ll need GREAT images or videos. These should be beautifully lit, mouth-watering, and aesthetic. These, compared to, blurry, ill composed quick snap shots will be MUCH more effective in attracting attention. In order to stand out you’ll want to get those seeing your ad to see and almost taste that delicious burger.

However, remember the questions above. Make your burger content different from other restaurants. Discuss any helpful health benefits such as “grass-fed” or “fresh organic vegetable toppings.” Likewise, you can discuss price benefits versus the competition.

Summing Up

When you really think about it, business marketing & content can be limitless. There’s really no limit to the types of content that you can create. Polls or questions for social media. Content. Big beautiful bold billboard offers. Content. Website keywords and landing pages. Content. An interesting and creative stand alone product photograph. Yep, content. Branded infographics laid out with interesting industry stats. Oh yea…content.

Get your content out into the world. It’s not always an easy feat. Creativity and ideas take time and thought. This is especially true if the project is a long term thing. New ideas must emerge. Older ideas must be elaborated on. Content must be created.

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