Entrepreneurs-How Hectic Is Your Life?

As entrepreneurs and owners of a marketing firm, living life in the fast lane isn’t just a saying…it’s a way of life. Success requires an immense amount of work. Sometimes, we operate at a speed that we were previously unaware even existed. Our fuel? Coffee (hence the Mr. Coffee Head image.)

Run here. Run there. Do this. Do that. Call this person. Email that one, and so on. At 77 Design Co, failure is not an option and in order to continue to grow we have to be on the move pretty much non-stop. We’re sure many other entrepreneurs can sympathize with this too.

Some of the things that require our constant attention are; checking in on clients, contacting new prospective clients, production work on social media accounts and websites, photography editing, business meetings, fielding calls/emails from customers, and of course, kid’s activities. Usually the kids stuff takes place after hours (if that is really a thing) but during the day it’s all business. Hell, during the evening there’s a ton of business work done too! It almost never ends. However, we have adapted to this maniacal lifestyle. We have learned to embrace it. As the saying goes, it’s better to be busy than not at all.

So, what do we do to de-stress when we are all continuously rushing around to make ends meet or grow our company? What do you do?

At 77, there’s a few things we like to do to slow down and relax. A few of the pastimes we collectively do to unwind include, guitar playing, martial arts training, fishing, listening to music, and occasionally attending art exhibitions. There’s also a few sports we enjoy to watch or attend. We enjoy cooking, craft beers, wine, bourbon, Porsche’s and Corvette’s.

We’d love to hear from you about the daily scrambling that you face too. How do the other entrepreneurs out there relax?

Analyze. Create. Achieve.