What is a Sell Sheet?

Once the concept of a product has been fleshed out, developed and finally transformed into an actual tangible item for presentation to the public, the next step is marketing and sales. If you’re launching a new product, one simple marketing material you must create along the way is a product sell sheet.


A product sell sheet is a one-page sheet used in sales to attract attention to a new product. The sell sheet is commonly distributed through the mail, presented at a meeting or provided via email to interested parties. The goal of sending out a product sell sheet is to make the other party interested enough to call the manufacturer to discuss terms of buying or publicizing the product.


The sell sheet should contain full-color pictures of the product — preferably from all angles. Include a short description of the product, as well as a list of specifications. It must also list the product’s most attractive features and benefits. To allow interested parties to order the product, the sell sheet should also include the product’s SKU, UPC or item number.


A product sell sheet is useful when you’re preparing a media or press kit. It is also a useful addition to a product marketing plan. When you are selling a product to retailers and distributors, they need to see these important details to make a decision on whether to carry it in their stores. When you are seeking publicity for the product, know that media contacts will want to see a sell sheet so that they can accurately report on the product.


When you make a product sell sheet, take the time to make it look professional, neat and simple. Some marketers make the mistake of trying to fit many different types of products into one sell sheet. The ideal format is to have one featured product with the item’s full specs listed on the back. However, if you have other products to sell, put the featured product on one side with a few of the others listed on the back. Print your sell sheet in full color on paper that is slightly heavier than the type you see in a standard printed catalog.

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