Running a Marketing Company

Running a marketing company has its ups and downs. Like any other business. All things considered though, there are more ups than downs. We can’t complain. This blog we will take a look at some of the behind the scenes things involved in owning and running a marketing company.

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Firstly, let’s talk about the fun and positive aspects of running a marketing company. It is an interesting job and dynamic here at 77. We’ve worked for others in the past and developed a sense of what we want/don’t want our company to be like.

10 Fun Things:
  • You get to work mainly from home. At least in our case. There are times of running around to meetings or commercial photography shoots, but the majority of the time is home at the computer.
  • Watching a company grow. It’s fun to start working with a business that is not doing any marketing and then seeing them grow where they want to be.
  • Meeting new “friends.” We understand business is business and work is work. However, there are instances in which our clients also become our friends and closest allies. Being that it’s relatively evident from the start that we only have their best interests and success in mind, great relationships form from this.
  • When you want to take a break, you can. Just go. Unless there are pressing urgent issues it’s easy to duck out and stretch your feet or back. Believe us, stretching out the back or neck is a necessity!
  • Seeing family more than working away from home. This is great, unless your kid nags you to play with them.
  • It’s fun…most of the time. You get to be creative in many cases. Creating new things to utilize in marketing campaigns is fun.
  • The money isn’t bad. It all depends on the work. Everyone always wishes for more but we won’t complain especially in this current economic environment.
  • Getting to meet new people and learning more about different industries. As a marketer (at least one that really immerses themselves into their clients’ business) it’s cool to find out new interesting things about other businesses.
  • Work schedule. We run a tight ship here at 77, but we also allow for time off when possible.
  • Not having to pay (much) for coffee. We still buy our own, but it’s much less and more accessible than working in an office.
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Things That Suck

We’ll use the term suck loosely. As stated above, there are more positives than negatives. However, to be realistic, here are a few things that aren’t fun.

  • The workload…sometimes. There are times when things get to be extremely overwhelming. We understand that we are the face for many companies that we work with, but too many projects at once can get stressful.
  • Clients that don’t pay, or don’t pay on time. Like any business 77 Design Co also has bills to pay both professionally and personally. This makes it difficult at times.
  • Back and neck pain. <see bullet point 4 above> Working from a computer all day can be a pain in the neck…literally!
  • Deadlines. Deadlines that are agreed upon must be met. We’ll work with the client to create a feasible deadline on a project. This also means working late late late from time to time.

That’s it. These lists could probably grow a little more but for the sake of keeping this blog to a minimum and not boring you we’ll end here. In conclusion, We have fun with our business and still get the work completed accurately. If you are looking for a marketing company that isn’t a bother to you, or just to put things out there for the sake of it, we probably aren’t your company. Thanks for reading!

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