Growing Your Seasonal Business

Growing Your Seasonal Business is an article about how to market your seasonal business for stability and growth for the future. Owning and operating a seasonal business can be stressful. We’ve heard this many times. Firstly, you become too busy during the season to keep up on other things. Next, when the season draws to a close it’s difficult to maintain stability. You only have so long to make as much as you can. Well, hopefully this blog helps to remedy some of these issues.

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There’s plenty you can do from a marketing standpoint to keep busy during the season and ensure stability for the next.

Here is a short list of seasonal businesses this article is meant for:

Lawn care and landscapers. Contractors. Roofers and siding companies. Craft business owners that are reliant on summer shows or festivals. Tree service providers. Nurseries and gardening related companies, we see you. Also, concrete and asphalt business owners. We are sure there’s plenty more but these come to mind now. This Growing Your Seasonal Business blog isn’t discriminatory. If you’re another seasonal business, read on.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce provides you some of these ideas here: . Most of these we have discussed before in past blogs. It’s worth repeating though. We’ll admit, we’ve never thought of the “Generate excitement with early payment deals.” However, this also seems like a fantastic idea too! Read the above link for more.

Marketing your seasonal business
  • Website. Yep. Keep that site fresh and mobile friendly during both the on and off season. Review your business website monthly or at the very least, quarterly. New photos, content, updates, blogs, and specials should all be considered. As well as these, some keyword strategies should be implemented. Can’t handle all of this during the busy season? We know a small local marketing team you can call 😉
  • Reviews. This is a great way to touch base with customers even in the off season. After the season is over you can call, text, or email your customers and get their opinions on your products or services. Reviews are also ultra important for your online recognition. Speaking of email…
  • Email marketing. Have you collected customer emails during the busy season? No? Why not? It’s a simple way to get their info to share future company news, blogs, offers, and industry news with when the season is over. Sending out a consistent email blast is an effective way of creating brand recognition too.
  • Social media. Probably one of the most powerful tools in your box. Can’t stay up on it? Not really sure of all the constant changes that occur? Unsure of the types of content to create consistently? There’s so many ways you can utilize social media. Moreover, there are people looking for the above businesses we listed…CONSTANTLY! Take advantage of that. Need help? Again, there’s a local marketing team we know that’s pretty good at making social media pages stand out 😉

Need help growing your seasonal business? 77 Design Co has you covered. We are a call, text, or click away.

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