A Week Away

By Bobby Drakulic-A Week Away

A week away gave me some perspective last week. As some of you may know, I actually took a vacation to the Myrtle area in South Carolina last week. We usually don’t take a “yearly” vacation like many do, but when we do I tune out for a week…if possible.

Taking a week away from Pennsylvania, and all the craziness that is our state, allowed me to take in life elsewhere. On the trip down and back I noticed a few things that really got me thinking. We’ll get to that soon.

My vacation!

However, I’d like to share a few fun things we did do. Firstly, I fished. I fished like a mad man! That is my favorite all time thing to do at the ocean. Nothing clears my mind more than taking a few hours to battle the elements and the powerful ocean fish. From my perspective, it is a meditative experience like no other. I always come back more clear headed and relaxed, even if the bite is off.

Secondly, we enjoyed crab legs. Another all time favorite of mine. If you visit the Myrtle Beach area and like seafood, try Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant. Visit here https://captaingeorges.com. Highly recommend. The crab legs were fantastic! The rest of the buffet looked awesome too, but admittedly crab is all I ate…and lots of them!

Next, I practiced my Kung Fu. Every single day on the beach or balcony for at least twenty minutes to an hour. The consistent practice helps me stay disciplined, balanced, and focused both mentally and physically. Something I feel very strongly about is staying in shape (as much as I can) and on top of my trainings.

Finally, we relaxed. Man, did my mind need that! We hung out on the beach and balcony most of the week. This included boogie boarding, swimming, digging in the sand, and of course some adult beverages.

The point of all this?

I’ll be making my point on this blog soon, so be sure to read on. However, I’m going to go full on geek first and share a few vacation photos below:

A Week Away. Palm trees with an orange and colorful sky background.
Palms at Dusk
Image of a 17 pound 37 inch King Mackerel.
King Mackerel
A Week Away. Photograph of the morning sunrise and cloud cover over the Atlantic Ocean.
Morning at Sea
A Week Away. Photograph of Bobby Drakulic on the beach fishing in black and white swim trunks.
Bobby doing his favorite thing ever…surf fishing.
A Week Away. Photograph of boats docked at sunrise in the marina.
Image of the surf waves rippling in.
Wave Ripples
Photograph of Marlboro County court house in the morning.
Cool looking court house
Photograph of a single palm tree at dusk.
How does any of this relate to a marketing business?

It doesn’t. I just felt like adding some images and my little vacation story to draw your eyes down here…

The real reason I am writing this blog is because, as mentioned above, I noticed a few things during the trip. I did not like what I saw either. It was closed businesses.

It got me thinking.

On the drive both ways, I noticed entirely too many empty business shops. Some looked recently vacated. Some seemed to be out of business long ago. Either way, I noticed these and it made my heart hurt. Owning a small business is a difficult thing. It’s not easy. We know that as well as anyone too.

The cause?

I’m not sure of the cause of these closures. I’ll admit that first and foremost. What I do know is that small business across our great country has been decimated in the last several months. Mismanagement? Maybe. Low sales? Probably. Did Covid play a hand in some of these closures? By the looks of things, probably, in at least a few.

A Week Away. Image of a red and white empty gas station.
Empty gas station

Even if I don’t like the business, feel that it’s overly expensive, or I am not confident in their service, I certainly don’t wish failure on it. Every small business owner has mouths to feed and regular payments to make like almost everybody else.

Avoid failure!

So, avoiding small business failure is hard. A lot depends on what you offer, how well, pricing, the market you are in, management of the business, and many other factors. There is one thing that can help. Yep, I’m saying it, marketing.

Despite all the hardships business owners face, marketing is one thing that can help tremendously. Some of the world’s worst businesses in my eyes (worst is subjective though) still do well. Why? They advertise and market like crazy.

You know them. Big corporate places that sometimes make you feel unimportant as a customer. They are all over the television, billboards, in magazines, pop up ads on Facebook etc. I don’t mean to bash corporations, they are just the most noticeable here. I’ll also reiterate that it’s not ALL just some. Each of us know who we’ve dealt with that stink, and who are good.

Your small business.

Competing with the millions or even billions of dollars that go into advertising of larger companies is another difficult hurdle. Smaller businesses may not have that capital. What can you do?


Take it to a local level. Start out small, test the waters on a local level and see how you do. Despite what many marketers say, it doesn’t have to cost a bundle to get the word out. Work with what you’ve got and expand from there. Just stay in front of customers regularly. Consistency is everything.

Marketing tactics.

Below are some things you can do so that consumers can see and hear about your business and what you offer regularly:

  • Social media. Devise a plan to share interesting stories, photos, and videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or more. Social media engagement is way up right now too.
  • Print ads. Many claim print is dead. We aren’t ready to throw in the towel on that just yet. Depending on the publication, service/product you offer, and a variety other aspects, print could be a huge help.
  • Digital marketing. Remember when I said above “pop up ads on Facebook?” There is a wide range of digital marketing tactics you can try. Geofencing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to name a few.
  • Radio ads. Yes we know, AM/FM isn’t what it used to be. On the other hand, radio can still be effective. You can also advertise on streaming services like Pandora or Spotify, etc. Create a catchy tune or slogan that people will remember long after they shut the radio off.
  • Direct mail. This goes along with print but goes straight to peoples homes or businesses. You can design an attractive piece with a killer offer that will ultimately lead to more calls, emails, or sales. With direct mail you can also custom select areas and other demographics to get your pieces in the hands of the right customer.

We are big believers in the power of marketing, if done right. Don’t fail your business by not getting its message out concisely, effectively, and consistently. For the love of God, please don’t let me see anymore business storefronts closed like the image below.

Image of a closed white colored business with a wooden roof.
I hate seeing closed businesses.

If you need help, drop us a line. We’ll help any way we can. https://77designco.com

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Interview John A Cochran, Esq.

This weeks Interview John A Cochran, Esq. discusses a little about what his firm is experiencing due to COVID-19. John is an attorney in Greensburg, PA and has been in the legal field for fifteen years. As an accountant combined, he’s been in the tax profession for thirty-four years. He practices tax, estate, and business law.

John’s love of numbers and knowledge of all things taxes makes him a versatile attorney able to help individuals and businesses alike. Let’s see what John had to say about taxes and law during this Coronavirus situation in his Interview John A Cochran, Esq…

Interview John A Cochran, Esq. Image of John sitting at a desk in a dark gray suit coat and dark tie.
John A Cochran, Esq.
Question 1:

77 Design Co: Let’s get right to it. How has this COVID-19 stuff affected your practice?

John A Cochran, Esq: Oh, it’s drawn things to a crawl. Firstly, the government closed the IRS, or rather, they are working from home. This makes it difficult to get ahold of anyone. So, their responses are lacking.

They extended filing deadlines until July. This has stretched out what was due in April. A lot of businesses I work with are shutdown or constricted. As a result, that’s made my practice constricted as well.

Interview John A Cochran, Esq. Photograph of John sitting at a desk in a pink dress shirt.
Question 2:

77: You’ve been open through all of this? Why?

JAC: I’m a CPA as well as an attorney. Also, the Governors Order didn’t apply being that I’m the only employee.

Question 3:

77: So, can you explain a little about how this crisis changed taxes or tax laws?

JAC: There’s the Employee Retention Credit to keep employees on. That’s a 50% refundable tax credit. Filing and extended tax dates have been changed. Penalties have been waved for late fees. The second estimate is due June fifteenth, and the first estimate is July fifteenth. Go figure.

Question 4:

77: Further, do you have any tax advice for anyone reading?

JAC: Yea. I’ll say get your stuff done regardless of extensions. Don’t wait. Then, I will also say, in order for compliance for the PPP you have to file taxes. If you get a line of credit from a non-government source you’ll still have to have the taxes done.

Photograph of John A Cochran, Esq business card and calculator laying on tax forms.
John A Cochran, Esq business card and calculator.
Question 5:

77: Have you spoken to any of your local or regional colleagues? How are other attorneys doing through all of this?

JAC: Everyone I’ve spoken to, with the courthouses shut down, nobody really knows what’s going on. A lot have reluctantly laid off employees. It’s thrown everything out of whack. Meanwhile, hearings and meetings by phone or video, in some instances, is proving difficult on all parties involved.

Question 6:

77: Additionally, you mentioned business and estate law. Generally, how can your services help others with these?

JAC: Well, I can work on estate plannings. We still have to get their assets to the beneficiaries that they want them to get to.

With business, for example, everyone’s kind of upside down. Business is hurting everywhere. For that reason, I’ll give them whatever advice I can with a free consult. Any way I can help I will. I’ve been dealing with businesses for thirty five years, so there’s some experience there. Finally, if you need business law advice, give me a call.

Question 7:

77: We always end these interviews on a positive note. Can you tell us something positive that you’ve noticed during these times?

JAC: So, I think businesses in the U.S. are resilient. Look at the stock markets. People are still buying. Next, the U.S. economy is resilient. We will all get through this mess.

Interview John A Cochran, Esq. Image of the John A Cochran, Esquire sticker on his law office front door.
A word from 77:

Thanks to John for taking the time to talk with us for this: Interview John A Cochran, Esq. Here is John’s website. You can check out more about him and his services here: https://www.jacochranlaw.com

To sum up, we’ve mentioned in our last blog, law is of significant importance to us here at 77. We see what our attorney friends go through and the extensive amounts of work involved. There’s also reasons why hiring one is not always the least expensive thing you can do. However, we highly respect them and their dedication to their practice. When the dust settles, subsequently, it will be the attorneys and judges rulings that will define what is happening with these COVID situations.

On a daily basis, attorneys can help with almost any situation in life. Whether it’s a divorce, business, criminal, tax, estate, or the myriad other amounts of laws being practiced, they can be of great importance. Our advice, when you find a great attorney for any situation you need help with, treat them well. They could wind up helping you more than you’d ever imagine.


77 Design Co. is committed to helping small business succeed. We want to help keep their doors open, and keep roofs over their family’s heads. Keeping your business alive during this mess is crucial.

Finally, contact us if you own a business, or know of a business owner that needs marketing help. We are volunteering work at heavily discounted rates (or in some instances free) to keep business stable in our county and local area. Any way we can help, we will.

Additionally, here’s our services: https://77designco.com/services-2/

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Interview-Attorney William J. McCabe

Interview-Attorney William J. McCabe. Bill is a criminal defense and personal injury lawyer. Dr. McCabe has been practicing law for 40 years. This year marks his 40th year. Congrats to him! Quite an achievement.

His firm, DeBernardo, Antoniono, McCabe & Davis, P.C. is located in Greensburg, Pa. The firm was founded in the late 1960’s. Dr. McCabe has been with them since 1986.

IInterview-Attorney William J. McCabe. Criminal defense law. Photograph of Dr. Bill McCabe in white dress shirt with gray tie.
Attorney, Dr. Bill McCabe

The law is something of great interest to us here at 77 Design Co. We rarely make a move without double checking first with one of our trusted attorney friends. Above all, we’d never want to do something wrong or illegal. Having the legal guidance and answers to what you can and you can’t do are critical in all aspects of life and business. Without law and great attorneys practicing law, our society would be lawless like the Old West, or worse, Nazi Germany.

In addition, you always want to protect yourself, your family, and organizations you are involved with. Thanks to Dr. McCabe for taking a few minutes to discuss some very serious matters with us. We certainly had substantial interest in what Dr. McCabe had to say regarding law during this coronavirus situation in our, Interview-Attorney William J. McCabe.

Interview-Attorney William J. McCabe. Criminal defense law. Image of purple and orange stained glass scales of justice.
Stained glass scales of justice.
Question 1:

77 Design Co: How has this COVID-19 stuff impacted your business?

Attorney William J. McCabe: So, it’s been impacted in two ways. Firstly, courts are closed. Therefore, all court proceedings that were scheduled are now rescheduled. It’s going to be crazy when they open back up. Additionally, throw in the social distancing and it will greatly impact the courts and cases.

Secondly is our office. We have been closed and a few have been laid off. They are back to work now though. So, we are also trying to avoid face to face meetings. Further, it completely changes the dynamics of how a law office works. We’ll have to see how this impacts the law profession in general.

Question 2:

77: Let’s talk criminal defense law and the Constitution here. What’s happening with these state orders? Are we, as citizens, at risk of being fined, detained, or worse…jailed, for leaving home or working under these orders?

Dr. M: I think anyone who violates the Governor’s Order or Department of Health is at risk for a violation. There’s a statute called the “Administrative Code of 1929” that they are using. There’s a link on the Governor’s website. A violation conviction can be not less than ten dollars, and not more than fifty dollars, plus court costs. If you are unable to pay you may be jailed for thirty days.

Additionally, there’s the “Disease Prevention and Control Law of 1955” for quarantines and isolation. This is a summary case and can carry a fine, if convicted, of no less than twenty-five dollars, and no more than three hundred dollars.

However, I’d say there are other things a Governor can do also like restrict certain licenses. We’ll see how this plays out. Some are enforcing, some are not.

Question 3:

77: What should someone do if they are pulled over and questioned? To clarify, what’s your advice on this?

Dr. M: Well it’s the same as usual. Above all, cooperate with the police. Be respectful. I don’t think the police are going to debate you as to why they pulled you over. For example, just turn over your documents and answer the general questions. Just identify yourself and be courteous. Certainly, if you feel you’ve run into trouble contact an attorney.

Question 4:

77: We believe this may be the most important time in our lives to know our rights in detail. So, can you elaborate a little about our Constitutional Rights and what we can or can’t do during all of this?

Dr. M: Life hasn’t changed except these orders now say shelter in place. Executive Orders are a matter of law now. Consequently the highest courts in the land have ruled these orders are not unconstitutional. In short, as long as people obey them we’ll be fine. But, the problem is enforcement. We’ll see if they are enforced. There’s a lot of gray areas in all of this too.

Question 5:

77: Is there any peace of mind you can give anyone reading about the above topics?

Dr. M: Personally, I think the vast majority of people have the best interests in mind for everyone. You have to have faith in people. Eventually we’ll get through this.

Also, I’d like to add, a big benefit to workers. For a worker to be protected, the refusal to work must be based on a legitimate concern due to a pre-existing health problem which places them at risk if infected by the Covid-19, not just because they are afraid generally of the Covid-19 virus.

Question 6:

77: What other types of law do you practice?

Dr. M: Criminal defense law. Personal injury law. As I get older, I’m doing more estate administration too.

Interview-Attorney William J. McCabe. Criminal defense law. Image of Constitutional law and criminal law books.
A library of law books.
Interview-Attorney William J. McCabe. Criminal defense law. Image of Bill in a black sweater at a fundraising event with a BNI sign.
Dr. McCabe at a fundraising event.
Final Question:

77: We always finish these interviews on a positive note. For instance, do you have anything positive to add that you’ve noticed through all of this?

Dr. M: I think from a professional standpoint, as a result of this, we’ve learned we can operate remotely and effectively. It will change how we do business. Instead of driving seventy miles to a meeting, we can Zoom.

Personally, I’m amazed at our caregivers and medical professionals in hospitals. I see selfless people who care for others with the virus. It’s astonishing to see. What would we do without them?

Photograph of the DAMD sign.
DeBernardo, Antoniono, McCabe & Davis sign.

Dr. McCabe can be reached through his firms website here: https://damdpc.com

A word from 77:

We appreciate Dr. McCabe taking the time to discuss these important issues with us. This Interview-Attorney William J. McCabe sheds some light on criminal defense law. Many people wonder what the legalities are of what is happening within our state and country. Some are scared or worried. Some are unbothered. Yet others are vigilant or even defiant.

Even more, Dr. McCabe admits there are some areas of law within all of this that are not yet completely clear cut. We will all have to wait and see how this shakes out. Subsequently, our courtrooms will likely be full of cases once they reopen. Thanks again for the Interview-Attorney William J. McCabe!

During this crisis, 77 Design Co has been on a mission to get as many perspectives from local business owners as possible. Likewise if you know of a business owner in the area that would like to be interviewed about their business or industry, have them contact us. We’ll certainly carve out a time to talk with them.


77 Design Co. is committed to helping small business succeed. We want to help keep their doors open, and keep roofs over their family’s heads. Keeping your business alive during this mess is crucial.

Finally, contact us if you own a business, or know of a business owner that needs marketing help. We are volunteering work at heavily discounted rates (or in some instances free) to keep business stable in our county and local area. Any way we can help, we will.

Additionally, here’s our services: https://77designco.com/services-2/

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Interview-Straight-Up Bar Consulting

Interview-Straight-Up Bar Consulting. Dee Bertison is the owner of Straight-Up Bar Consulting, LLC located in Johnstown, PA. She has owned Straight-Up for roughly six months. She received licensing at the end of September in 2019.

Interview-Straight-Up Bar Consulting. Image of Dee Bertison in a black sweater and blue shirt offering free bartending lessons on Facebook.
Dee giving bartending lessons on her Straight-Up Bar Consulting Facebook page. Give it a “like.”

In the same vein as many other businesses, these COVID-19 closures have greatly impacted her business. Certainly, bars and restaurants can benefit tremendously from her services and expertise once they all reopen. Most importantly, these establishments will need new ways to attract and retain customers upon reopening. Let’s hear what Dee has to say in this Interview-Straight-Up Bar Consulting.

Question 1:

77 Design Co: What is Straight-Up Bar Consulting? Tell us a few things you do.

Dee Bertison: So, I’d start with expert bar consulting. However, I also offer industry training, bar solutions, hospitality training, and beverage programs.

Question 2:

77: What’s your experience in the bar and restaurant industry?

DB: In short, I have twenty-five years of experience in the industry. I’ve seen a lot in that time. I’m an innovator in drink menus. Also, I can manage employees, customers, and spirits.

Photograph of Dee Bertison bartending with a dark gray hat and sweater on.
Dee Bertison bartending.
Question 3:

77: So, very much like the show Bar Rescue. Likewise, where do you draw the lines though from what they do on the show versus what you do?

DB: <laughs> So, first off I don’t yell at people! I’m a pretty nice person, I think.

Unfortunately though, I don’t do complete full bar makeovers. I love John Taffer’s program. He manages well. However, he also has a full staff behind him. I don’t have that full staff to handle complete renovations, manage demographics, traffic, and everything else.

Interview-Straight-Up Bar Consulting. Image of logo with red martini, wine, and whiskey glasses.
Straight-Up Bar Consulting, LLC logo.
Question 4:

77: Who would you like to meet? In other words, who’s the best connections for your business?

DB: Above all, bar owners. However, I would also like to meet bartenders and managers that make the decisions. They can connect me to the bar owner too.

Question 5:

77: Obviously with the COVID closures of bars, this means 0 work (or at least, minimal.) What can bar owners plan to do ahead of openings?

DB: I think right now, a deep cleaning. For instance, cleaning areas that may be overlooked during busy times. Secondly, I think construction and repairs should be done now too. Some of these get neglected during normal business operations. Bars can also be planning menus and events right now.

Question 6:

77: We try to keep things fun and positive. Tell us the craziest bar story. However, try to keep it PG-13 if possible.

DB: Oh my God! <laughs> I’m not sure I can answer this! Almost all the stories are not PG-13. I’ll just give one that I know isn’t too bad.

So, one night there was a line at the mens restroom. It was a busy night. While in line, one patron was becoming impatient and just punched the guy in front of him so he could use the restroom next. Knocked him out! He then took his place and just used the restroom.

As a result afterwards the guy bought the guy that he punched a drink. They talked and had a drink together. He wasn’t a complete jerk in the end.

Question 7:

77: Your favorite drink?

DB: I love Ketel One Vodka with water and a lemon. Or, I do like a good Lemon Drop too. Pretty simple.

Interview-Straight-Up Bar Consulting. Dee Bertison's favorite drink, an image of Ketel One Vodka and a yellow lemon slice in a martini glass.
Dee’s favorite drink.

77: Anything you’d like to add?

DB: I’ll end with our tagline, “Stay in Good Spirits!”

A word from 77:

We met Dee at a SCORE workshop several months ago. 77 liked her business model thought it was a great idea, and even more so now with bars and restaurants closed to patrons. These businesses will need all the help they can get. Upon returning to normalcy, Straight-Up Bar Consulting will be able to help provide new ideas and new beverages to these locations. This can essentially give customers a product and service they hadn’t had prior to this COVID situation. Thanks to Dee for the, Interview-Straight-Up Bar Consulting. Check out more about Straight-Up here: https://straightupbarconsulting.com

77 Design Co. is committed to helping small business succeed. We want to keep their doors open, and keep roofs over their family’s heads. Keeping your business alive during this mess is crucial.

Finally, contact us if you own a business, or know of a business owner that needs marketing help. We are volunteering work at heavily discounted rates (or in some instances free) to keep business stable in our county and local area. Any way we can help, we will.

Additionally, here’s our services: https://77designco.com/services-2/

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Interview-Paul Nickoloff Fotorecord

Interview-Paul Nickoloff, Fotorecord Print Center. Fotorecord Print Center is located in Greensburg, PA. Paul has owned and operated Fotorecord since 1994. They offer print and direct mail services as well as alternate digital marketing campaigns.

Interview-Paul Nickoloff Fotorecord. Image of Paul standing on the print production floor in a gray shirt and dark tie with his hands on his hips.
Paul on the print production floor.
Question 1:

77 Design Co: How many employees do you have? Have you had to do any layoffs during this COVID-19 mess?

Paul Nickoloff: So, I’ve got twenty employees. Nope, no layoffs. However, I am running modified schedules. They aren’t working forty hours, but are working fifteen hours a week instead. I’m hoping that doesn’t last long.

Question 2:

77: What impact have the COVID-19 shutdowns had on your business?

PN: I’d say 85% of our clients are closed. This hit us in our second busiest time of the year. We do a lot of work with colleges, nonprofits, and everything in between. With everything being closed it’s impacted us greatly. Likewise the cancellations of spring appeals and fundraising events pretty much killed us.

Question 3:

77: So, much like us (77 Design Co) Fotorecord is in the promotional and marketing sector. Consequently, we’ve already seen the damage done, and continue to spread the word of how important it is to stay in front of your customers through this. What advice can you give other business owners to get through this?

PN: Run promotions to raise awareness about your business’s reopening. Running a direct mail program to let customers know about reopening dates can definitely help. Get started on them now, and we’ll only have to add a date and get the pieces printed. Then we can quickly send them out. Plan ahead.

Question 4:

77: What is your biggest selling product? Likewise, have you seen changes in sales with this product?

PN: Our biggest is production printing. Also, our second biggest product is direct mail. Both make up a large part of our business.

Paul standing at a drawing board with a light gray shirt and dark tie.
Question 5:

77: Is Fotorecord currently offering any sales or discounts to impacted businesses?

PN: Yea, there’s a ton on our website. Our “We’re Back Open” campaign can help clients save on their printing costs. We also have a business revival package and other discounts online.

Question 6:

77: We always try to end on a positive note. Therefore, has anything been good either personally or professionally through all of this?

PN: As a result of things being slow, I’ve been able to reconnect with clients more. We are working to develop new opportunities on the horizon. This time has made me a better salesperson also. Interesting things should come from all this. What I also expect out of this is building better relationships with clients and uncovering different new opportunities. Likewise, it seems everyone is working together as much as possible.

77: What would you like to add?

PN: I can’t wait to go to a restaurant! Above all I’ll also say let’s all just keep looking ahead. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at a bar or restaurant soon.

Fotorecord tablets and marketing print laying on a table top. Interview-Paul Nickoloff Fotorecord.
Fotorecord Print Center

This Interview-Paul Nickoloff Fotorecord comes from both a professional and personal standpoint. 77 Design Co owner, Rob Hoffman has considered Paul a good friend and mentor for many years. Moreover, Rob also considers Paul to be one of the most legitimately honest and straight forward people he knows in business. If you are in need of print marketing materials, give Paul or his staff a call. Finally, check out more about Fotorecord Print Center here: https://fotorecord.com.

Print production.

77 Design Co. is committed to helping small business succeed. We want to keep their doors open, and keep roofs over their family’s heads. Keeping your business alive during this mess is crucial.

Finally, contact us if you own a business, or know of a business owner that needs marketing help. We are volunteering work at heavily discounted rates (or in some instances free) to keep business stable in our county and local area. Any way we can help, we will.

Additionally, here’s our services: https://77designco.com/services-2/

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Interview-DJ Little Larry Joe

Interview-DJ Little Larry Joe Hornyak. Our goal with these interviews is to get as many perspectives as possible from local business owners, and how they are impacted by COVID-19.

DJ “Little Larry Joe” Hornyak owns Larry’s DJ Service https://littlelarryjoe.com located in Greensburg, PA. DJ Larry has been in the entertainment industry for many years. His experience as a DJ, and affable personality, have entertained tens of thousands of people in the area for countless events.

DJ Larry Hornyak in a black tuxedo clapping at a wedding.
DJ Larry at a wedding.

First of all, the entertainment industry has been hit unbelievably hard by the Coronavirus closures. Events have been rescheduled or cancelled altogether. Some have no timetable when or if they will even happen. The industry, and those working within it, are suffering with minimal to no income.

Photographers, event planners, florists, DJ’s, and way more than we can list here are all struggling big time. This interview-DJ Little Larry Joe, we get a closer look of what’s happening with his business.

Question 1:

77 Design Co: So, how long have you been in the DJ business?

DJ Larry: I have been in the industry for thirty-nine years. I’ve seen some major changes in music over that time.

An old school photograph of Larry Hornyak.
A young Little Larry Joe.
Question 2:

77: Obviously, this Covid-19 mess has disrupted your business. How impactful has it been?

DJ L: Oh man, it is zero! Other than bookings there’s no income at all. I have been looking towards the stimulus check.

Question 3:

77: What events can anyone reading this refer you to after this crisis?

DJ L: Wow! I don’t think this can last forever. Certainly, weddings of course. I always say “look for the bling.” That is to say, newly engaged couples with the new ring. My May is now empty. Further, June is quickly dwindling too.

Hopefully, I can still DJ car cruises towards the end of summer. Likewise corporate events after this. Seminars, panel discussions, and awards banquets are always a good referral for me too.

DJ Little Larry Joe Hornyak in a black tuxedo at his DJ booth with signs.
Little Larry Joe at his DJ booth.
Question 4:

77: What have you done to combat the tremendous loss of business?

DJ L: I have been trying to get the word out. Facebook mostly. I’ve also been staying up to date with current music and equipment. I have been using this time to make sure everything is working properly and ready to go when this ends.

Question 5:

77: Anything to add?

DJ L: Seeing families grow from weddings I disk jockeyed years ago has been especially nice for me during this. I’ll see brides and grooms from the past post about their new children on Facebook. Some even have adult children now, and they’ll post something about them. It’s pretty neat to see.

Hang in there, gang! We’ll all be back to partying again soon! I would like to say, stay safe and healthy.

DJ Little Larry Joe in a black tuxedo and red bow tie at an event.
DJ Little Larry Joe
A note from 77 Design Co:

Due to COVID-19, frankly, we are getting tired of having to interview guest business owners. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate everybody’s willingness to interview during this crisis. However, we are irritated that we even have to write about peoples businesses suffering, and more specifically business owners with no income! Ask yourself, how can I help DJ Larry today? Who can I refer him to?

We would much rather continue writing blogs again about how to better market and grow your business. Our mission as a marketing company is to NOT STOP though. Spreading the word about local business owners, and how their livelihoods are tremendously impacted by this nonsensical situation will continue to be our current goal.

Let’s all hang our hat though on Larry’s message, “We’ll all be back to partying again soon!” Stay positive friends! Thanks for the Interview-DJ Little Larry Joe.


77 Design Co. is committed to helping small business succeed. We want to keep their doors open, and keep roofs over their family’s heads. Keeping your business alive during this mess is crucial.

Finally, contact us if you own a business, or know of a business owner that needs marketing help. We are volunteering work at heavily discounted rates (or in some instances free) to keep business stable in our county and local area. Any way we can help, we will.

Additionally, here’s our services: https://77designco.com/services-2/

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