Some Email Stats-Happy 4th!

Happy (soon) 4th of July!

Some Stats
Did you know 42% of emails are opened on mobile devices? And did you know in the United States, the best open rates are around 9am-12pm? What about 61% of emails are being read for more than 8 seconds.
Maybe you did. Then congrats. If not, maybe we should start an email marketing plan for you. You don’t want to waste time and resources on sending an email that you aren’t sending smart and continuously analyzing to get better results.
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Want to start with a newsletter? I got you.

So is around 8 seconds enough to read a whole newsletter? Probably not. Meanwhile, what we suggest is CTA. Call to Action. Whether you want to tell them about a new product or service, an event happening, or tell them someone got a promotion in your company, etc, you should have a 2-3 sentence blurb of content. Then, a CTA that has Read More or Learn More, will go to a landing page on your website. First, that gets a great click through rate on your email metrics (yay analytics!) AND it is bringing traction to your website. Moreover, they are already on your website, so why not do a little surfing on your page? Maybe they learn a little more about a new service. Do people still call it surfing?
Newsletters are great because you can bring so much content to one space. I will say newsletters may not be the best revenue generating email (we can create those for you,) but it consistently creates a conversation between you and the customer. You will be top of mind for people and that will result in something good.
After a few rounds of emails getting sent, you need to do some analysis. Are your customers opening up on mobile devices or desktops? At what time? Therefore, depending on these answers, your email marketing strategy needs to change continuously based on trends as well.
Analyze. Create. Achieve.
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