What is the Best Thing About Your Business?

What is the best thing about your business? Do you show this to the world?

By Email Marketing Girl

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When we ask this question, we hope it starts to generate some thought. Gets those creative juices flowing. Why are you in business? What is the best thing about YOUR business? What are you doing to display this in your marketing?

So, we stand by the initial thoughts we had when we began this partnership. That is to say, in order to effectively market your business, you have to show personality. Likewise, show customers why you care, or how you help. Generally, people will be more likely to purchase from you if you SHOW them who YOU ARE as a company or individual.

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Yes, we like to drink beer…and bourbon. However, we work our butts off before enjoying either.
Could it be company culture?

Do you have a high retention rate of employees and they absolutely love working for you? You need to showcase this on your companies social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, where a large amount of people find their jobs nowadays. Photos and videos! Share them.  

Is the best thing your product? 

Make sure this product is front and center on your website to showcase it the most. Also be sure to post about it on your social media. Similarly, share photos and videos!

Are you the best at social media? 

Whether it be you personally, as your company, or a service you provide to customers. This is huge since we are living in a social media world. Everyone looks to social media platforms and everyone, almost everyone, is on social media. You can’t hide…

Customer experience top notch? 

This is wonderful! Make sure that you are putting customer reviews on your website, in your emails that you send, and on social media. People look to reviews for everything. That is to say, they trust those reviews, so make sure they are easily accessible. Reviews are becoming increasingly more important because it’s sometimes the only thing customers look for.

Is your office space super hip, or tech savy? 

This is great for millennials. The more hip, the better. But be sure to update your office and show it on all platforms! People want to see what kind of office you work in. So, whether it be a person that wants to work for you, or a customer that is intrigued, it would do best to explain and show your space.   

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