Easter Eggs at 77

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

This week in double 7’s news we have a couple great products to share with the world! We have put the final touches on a few programs that are extremely informative, helpful, and affordable. Our new 77 Design Co Social Media Training and Blog Training programs not only give clients the necessary know how and information needed to correctly operate both social media and blogging, but it also gives them a tangible product to refer back to whenever they’d like. Both of these programs are designed with small business entrepreneurs in mind and can elevate their reach, likes, shares, engagement, tweets, or whatever. These programs are an easy to follow/understand guide to increase brand awareness and visibility in the world of social media. The power of photography, videography, ¬†graphic design/logo usage, and content sharing are all discussed thoroughly through the course.

We’ve had a few clients that have experienced these programs first hand this week and have loved them. They were excited that these training programs helped them better understand the values and benefits of social media use and blogging and just how much this could really help their business. The positive Google reviews have already been pouring in! Check the reviews or leave one here!

We do our best to help businesses GROW! These training products are exactly what small businesses need to improve upon many areas of their online marketing. For more information on these affordably informative training programs contact us today!




Have a great Easter!