Interview-DJ Little Larry Joe

Interview-DJ Little Larry Joe Hornyak. Our goal with these interviews is to get as many perspectives as possible from local business owners, and how they are impacted by COVID-19.

DJ “Little Larry Joe” Hornyak owns Larry’s DJ Service located in Greensburg, PA. DJ Larry has been in the entertainment industry for many years. His experience as a DJ, and affable personality, have entertained tens of thousands of people in the area for countless events.

DJ Larry Hornyak in a black tuxedo clapping at a wedding.
DJ Larry at a wedding.

First of all, the entertainment industry has been hit unbelievably hard by the Coronavirus closures. Events have been rescheduled or cancelled altogether. Some have no timetable when or if they will even happen. The industry, and those working within it, are suffering with minimal to no income.

Photographers, event planners, florists, DJ’s, and way more than we can list here are all struggling big time. This interview-DJ Little Larry Joe, we get a closer look of what’s happening with his business.

Question 1:

77 Design Co: So, how long have you been in the DJ business?

DJ Larry: I have been in the industry for thirty-nine years. I’ve seen some major changes in music over that time.

An old school photograph of Larry Hornyak.
A young Little Larry Joe.
Question 2:

77: Obviously, this Covid-19 mess has disrupted your business. How impactful has it been?

DJ L: Oh man, it is zero! Other than bookings there’s no income at all. I have been looking towards the stimulus check.

Question 3:

77: What events can anyone reading this refer you to after this crisis?

DJ L: Wow! I don’t think this can last forever. Certainly, weddings of course. I always say “look for the bling.” That is to say, newly engaged couples with the new ring. My May is now empty. Further, June is quickly dwindling too.

Hopefully, I can still DJ car cruises towards the end of summer. Likewise corporate events after this. Seminars, panel discussions, and awards banquets are always a good referral for me too.

DJ Little Larry Joe Hornyak in a black tuxedo at his DJ booth with signs.
Little Larry Joe at his DJ booth.
Question 4:

77: What have you done to combat the tremendous loss of business?

DJ L: I have been trying to get the word out. Facebook mostly. I’ve also been staying up to date with current music and equipment. I have been using this time to make sure everything is working properly and ready to go when this ends.

Question 5:

77: Anything to add?

DJ L: Seeing families grow from weddings I disk jockeyed years ago has been especially nice for me during this. I’ll see brides and grooms from the past post about their new children on Facebook. Some even have adult children now, and they’ll post something about them. It’s pretty neat to see.

Hang in there, gang! We’ll all be back to partying again soon! I would like to say, stay safe and healthy.

DJ Little Larry Joe in a black tuxedo and red bow tie at an event.
DJ Little Larry Joe
A note from 77 Design Co:

Due to COVID-19, frankly, we are getting tired of having to interview guest business owners. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate everybody’s willingness to interview during this crisis. However, we are irritated that we even have to write about peoples businesses suffering, and more specifically business owners with no income! Ask yourself, how can I help DJ Larry today? Who can I refer him to?

We would much rather continue writing blogs again about how to better market and grow your business. Our mission as a marketing company is to NOT STOP though. Spreading the word about local business owners, and how their livelihoods are tremendously impacted by this nonsensical situation will continue to be our current goal.

Let’s all hang our hat though on Larry’s message, “We’ll all be back to partying again soon!” Stay positive friends! Thanks for the Interview-DJ Little Larry Joe.


77 Design Co. is committed to helping small business succeed. We want to keep their doors open, and keep roofs over their family’s heads. Keeping your business alive during this mess is crucial.

Finally, contact us if you own a business, or know of a business owner that needs marketing help. We are volunteering work at heavily discounted rates (or in some instances free) to keep business stable in our county and local area. Any way we can help, we will.

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