Let a Fresh Set of Eyes Take a Look

Crossword puzzles are frustrating. You get your first few words with ease, but soon you cannot see any new words at all. Your eyes have adjusted to the random letters and fail to see obvious words. The solution you ask? A fresh pair of eyes, a professional crossword solver. At 77 Design Company in Murrysville, we are your professional crossword solvers.

Okay, maybe not the greatest analogy, but crossword puzzles are a lot like small businesses; someone who runs the business day to day can easily and understandably miss small mistakes. That may cause his or her business to fall short of expectations. At 77 Design, we offer business consultations to help improve those small, but powerful, pieces of your business. We’ll come in and visualize the business with a fresh set of eyes and offer suggestions for improvement. Increasing awareness of employee activity is also another great example of what a business consultation with 77 Design can do for your company.

One example would be when an employee answers the phone. If you do not put an emphasis on phone training your employees…you may want to start! They are the first impression of your business given to a potential customer. It could happen that unbeknownst to you, or your employee, they may answer your business’s phone 70% of the time with a monotone or less than enthusiastic tone. They may answer the other 30% of the time with a happy and excited voice, depending on the day they are having or even the time of day. You could potentially lose 70% of those possible sales because potential customers talked to a more enthusiastic and excited employee at the business across the street who they liked better. Happy employees=happy clientele. Positivity, enthusiasm, optimism, and helpfulness are all contagious within your organization and that spreads to your customer base.

We can not only help to visually market your business better, but also advise you and your staff on best practices that will improve the quality of your brand, employee morale, and its sales.

If you’re unaware that you’re losing these clients, because that 30% of the time is the only thing you see then, 77 Design Company in Murrysville, PA will spot these issues immediately and find solutions that work for your individual business. We are in the business of helping business!


Analyze. Create. Achieve.

Introducing Our New Project Manager, Gabriella!

Hi! I am Gabriella Hatch, the new Project Manager at 77 Design Company. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself, where I come from, and hopefully where I am going. I was born and raised 19 years, just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a little town called Oakdale. It’s actually “America’s Hometown”, at least that’s what our sign says.
I was surely an “oops” child, my mother was 45 years old with no previous child when I came along. My parent’s previous retirement plan quickly turned into my love of the outrageously expensive equestrian sport and 8
years of college. With that said, my parents’ support has given me motivation and confidence to put my best foot forward in everything I do as well as creating a strong work ethic and a desire to learn.
Recently, I finished my first year at Duquesne University, where I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in political science. For as long as I can remember I have always had a fascination with the brain. When I was young I struggled with panic attacks, controlling the way I breathed in order to control the irrational fear I felt was intriguing to me even as a kid. Therefore when asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I only had two choices, a
rockstar or a psychologist. The rockstar thing hasn’t worked out for me just yet, so psychology is plan B. As for the future I envision for myself now; my end goal is to receive my PhD. in Psychology, take over my mother’s private christian psychology practice and possibly grow the business with horse therapy. What better way to learn how to run a business and market yourself effectively than to learn from a marketing company itself?
Officially as project manager, my duties include keeping up with social media accounts, billing, research, and everyday administrative duties. More than my official duties, I am thrilled to grow with this company and bring a new perspective to the table.
Analyze. Create. Achieve.

What’s Your Perfect Image?

What is the perfect image for your business?

Tough question to answer but a very relevant question as well. If you had to hand your perfect customer the perfect marketing material, that would make or break a huge deal, what would this look like? Would it include a small series of photographs, one product shot, a team photo, just a logo, or perhaps an animated design? Creative commercial photography and graphic design can help, but it also takes some outside the box thinking.

Think about this a bit and understand just how important this could be to your business. Many business owners with little or no experience in the creative field could really struggle with this particular question, and it’s not an easy question to answer for even the most experienced creatives. We aren’t saying that we have the answer, what we are saying is that this is a thought provoking question that needs to be taken seriously.

Visuals make all the difference in catching a customers’ attention. We’ve talked about this in length before but this is an important topic for entrepreneurs to fully understand it’s value. The image included as an example below is one photograph that we feel aptly encompasses our business. Maybe we are right, maybe we are wrong, but one undeniable thing is that we are in the business of offering DAMN GOOD ADVICE so we feel it works well with our message.

Psychologically, many people are more likely to continue scrolling through a website, social media page/post, or drifting their eyes across your handouts when high quality images that are relatable to your business are included. There’s countless advertising and marketing studies that you can research on your own that will back up this claim. Go look, and better your business!

For any help brainstorming and creating ideas that will better bring attention to your brand, give us a call or drop us an email/message. We’ll be glad to give you some Damn Good Advice. We love what we do and we love to help businesses flourish!

Analyze. Create. Achieve.