Case Studies

8 Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Agency

8 Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Agency by George Schildge Marketing is increasingly responsible for more and more. More productivity, more effectiveness, more leads, more sales, etc. Marketing teams are feeling

How To Use Social Media

For many people, social media is nothing more than a way to keep up with friends and family members.  But, to the astute social media user, Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat,

The Importance of Audio… In Video

We’ve been around enough to recognize that one of the last things most people consider when creating a video, is audio. In particular the music and sound effects that accompany

Stock Photos and Layouts – Can They Hurt Your Vision?

Engaging stories start with solid brand identities, and solid brand identities start with designers, writers, videographers, and photographers. This tends to be an understandable point of contention for new marketers;

How To Combine Your Direct Mail Campaign with Your Digital Strategy

As a marketing professional every time I meet a client I’m faced with a we do this or we don’t do that mentality in planning a marketing initiative. However there’s

What is a Sell Sheet?

Once the concept of a product has been fleshed out, developed and finally transformed into an actual tangible item for presentation to the public, the next step is marketing and